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Saving Search Filters

Learn how to set up filters for repeated use. This video teaches you how to save filters for future use, make filters public or private, and how to quickly switch between filters.

Setting up Hot Keys

How to set up hot keys for quick keyboard shortcuts. Learn how to assign daily tasks to hot keys to simplify opening the screens you regularly go to.

Sharing Search Filters

Learn how to edit existing filters and share them with your co-workers. This video details filter management and usage, focusing on sharing and receiving filters, as well as overwriting filters.

Using Date Shortcuts

How to use date shortcuts in xTuple. Learn how to quickly enter the current date, future dates, past dates, relative dates by the month or year, and more using simple keyboard shortcuts.

QuickStart Wizard

Get started quickly loading your data with the xTuple QuickStart Wizard. Learn how the QuickStart Wizard can guide you through the initial setup process. The QuickStart Wizard is available for sale in the xTuple app store.

Creating Miscellaneous Vouchers

Explore the details of miscellaneous vouchers. Learn about invoice dates, distribution dates, miscellaneous distributions, and alternate account distribution.

Creating Regular Vouchers

Explore how to create regular vouchers related to purchase orders. Learn about line items, handling charges, editing amounts to distribute, split receipts, and distributing vouchers to purchase orders.

Making Payments

How to make payments from the payables workbench. See how to select a voucher for payment, specify a bank account, create checks, print checks, and post checks.

Payables — Memos

Learn how to process payables memos. Instruction includes credit memos, debit memos, and how to use the alternate prepaid account.

Configuring CRM

How to configure the CRM module. Discussion includes account number generation, project accounting configuration, incident privacy settings and status colors, as well as default country addresses.