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Implementing xTuple Overview

Watch to become familiar with xTuple's implementation strategy, with its focus on customer leadership, training, subject matter experts, project management, piloting, testing, go-live planning, and ongoing support.

TimeTrex Payroll Integration

Get started learning more about xTuple's payroll integration with TimeTrex. Video covers the process of importing payroll ledger data from TimeTrex into xTuple, as well as how to do payroll runs and ledger reports.

Using Desktop Shortcuts

Learn how to set-up and customize shortcuts in the xTuple 4.9 series. This quick video will introduce you to the shortcuts feature, how to change shortcuts, and how to add new shortcuts.

Quality Disposition

Learn about quality disposition and the different types of failure disposition. Video also covers quarantine disposition and relocated inventory, scrap workflow, rework operation, nettable and non-nettable items, and the activity list.

Quality Plans

Explore quality testing and planning. This video looks into quality test specifications, test types and equipment, the importance of the quality plan, the parts of the quality plan, adding test specifications, and item assignment.

Quality Setup

Examine the configuration and setup of the quality control module. We will go over the steps of quality setup, master data, number policy, quality plan emails, quality reason codes, the aspects of setup, operation types, and standard operation.

Quality Tests

Learn about quality tests and how they are generated. This video covers trigger points, action items, the xTuple workflow system, generated items, and the quality test list.

Quality Workflow

Examine how the quality workflow process works in xTuple. This video will cover testing items, releasing items and tests, the scrap process, item disposition and the successor workflow step, successor options, and failed workflow tests.

Financial Reporting Engine — Part 1

Learn how to generate financial reports using xTuple’s financial reporting engine (FRE). Video explores the basic component parts of the report tool—from the underlying report definitions to column layouts, accounting periods, printing, and emailing reports.

Financial Reporting Engine — Part 2

This video will teach you how to build your own financial reports by copying the system-defined reports. Look inside the template of a financial report to see how the underlying options enable easy customization.