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Purchasing Contracts

Explore details related to purchasing contracts. Learn about item counts, effectivity dates, contract quantities, and linking item sources to contracts.

Sales Forms

How to set up sales forms used during the sales cycle. Learn about sales order acknowledgements, shipping forms, and customer form assignments.

Setting up Customers — Part 2

Dives deeper into customer records information. You will learn about billing terms, taxes, billing rates, discount percentages, credit warnings, and credit holds.

Setting up Sales Reps

How to set up sales representatives. Learn how to assign sales reps to customers, how to define commissions, and how to run commission reports.

Bills of Materials — Part 1

Get started understanding how bills of materials (BOMs) are defined. Learn about batch sizes, tooling items, pick list items, and how to attach documents to BOMs.

Bills of Materials — Part 2

Learn about expiration and effectivity dates, creating child work orders at parent work order explosion, aggregating demand, fixed quantity items, scrap percentage, issue methods, engineering change notices (ECN #), execution day calculations, and item substitutions.

Copying Items

Detailed explanation of how to copy items. Explore creating target item numbers, copying BOMs and routings; item sites, item sources, and pricing considerations.

Product Costing

How products are costed, with an emphasis on standard costing. Explore manufactured and purchased item costing, standard costing, average costing, job costing, and user-defined costing elements.

Revision Control

How to enable revision control on bills of materials (BOMs). Learn about several other topics including enabling revision, activating, deactivating, and pending revisions, and how to create a work order from an inactive revision.

Routings — Part 1

Get started learning about work order routings. Topics include bills of operations, standard operations, effectivity dates, expiration dates, final location tracking, and tooling references.