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eCommerce for B2B — 0. ERP Integration Overview

See real-time ERP-integration with B2B eCommerce. Technology used by manufacturers and distributors. Watch as instructor makes product updates, processes online orders, and reviews shipping options, flowing seamlessly to and from the website and in the ERP.

In this video we introduce the new simple sales order screen, made available in the 4.10 release of xTuple ERP. This video will show you the many new features, options, and capabilities of this quick and easy sales order entry tool.

Introduction to xTuple Dashboards

Learn how to monitor and track key performance indicators (KPIs) using customizable dashboards in xTuple ERP. This video shows how you can quickly and easily set up and customize your own personal dashboards.

Free Demo Basics

Get started with xTuple by learning how to set up the xTuple free demo. This video will teach you all you need to know about signing up, and what information is needed to log into the demo database.

QuickStart: From Zero to xTuple in 25 minutes (or less) — Part 1

You’ll see how to define a default currency, set up accounting periods, create a vendor, a customer, an item, an item site, and then finally enter the item’s cost.

QuickStart: From Zero to xTuple in 25 minutes (or less) — Part 2

This video focuses on the order-to-cash-flow process. You will learn how to receive inventory, and then turn around and sell it to your customers.

Working with CRM Characteristics

Understand how to make the most out of the use of characteristics in CRM records. Learn what characteristics are, how they are defined, and what they can be used for. This video will also cover creating characteristics, editing characteristics, and assigning characteristics.

Configuring CRM

How to configure the CRM module. Discussion includes account number generation, project accounting configuration, incident privacy settings and status colors, as well as default country addresses.

CRM Master Information

Discusses the basic setup required for the CRM module. Topics covered include setting up required fields for contacts, incidents, and opportunities.

Incident Tracker

Video provides an overview of the incident management system. Learn how you can easily link CRM accounts, documents, and other files to incidents.