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eCommerce for B2B — 0. ERP Integration Overview

See real-time ERP-integration with B2B eCommerce. Technology used by manufacturers and distributors. Watch as instructor makes product updates, processes online orders, and reviews shipping options, flowing seamlessly to and from the website and in the ERP.

eCommerce for B2B — 1. System Introduction

Experience the purchasing process on the xTupleCommerce system from the perspective of a guest customer. See how items are viewed, added to the cart, and then paid for at checkout, while also creating a sales order in xTuple ERP.

eCommerce for B2B — 2. CRM Integration

Learn how contact information for new customers is pushed into xTuple ERP after they complete their first purchase on an xTupleCommerce website, including a contact record, CRM account, and customer record.

eCommerce for B2B — 3. Customer Service

With xTupleCommerce, your customers are able to manage their own information themselves — including their profile information, favorite products, saved carts, ship-to addresses, and invoices, which they can print themselves on the website.

In this video, learn how xTupleCommerce gives customers the ability to maintain and add new ship-to addresses to their account and then use those same ship-to addresses during checkout.

eCommerce for B2B — 5. Site Administration

xTupleCommerce is built on top of a popular content management system (CMS) called Drupal. In this video, discover how website managers can easily manage marketing content, users and site information from the back end of their xTupleCommerce website.

eCommerce for B2B — 6. Product Management

In this video, we illustrate how a manager can create a product catalog for their website and also alter product information. Learn the differences between standard product description fields and the marketing fields available on the item master.

xTuple conference presentation: “How Manufacturers Increase Productivity & Improve Profitability with Web Technology.” Includes a B2B eCommerce demonstration of xTupleCommerce for manufacturing.

How to Integrate eCommerce and Marketing for a Competitive Advantage

Learn how using a unified, integrated system and methodology between marketing and eCommerce can help you deliver the digital experience your customers expect.