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ACH Payment Processing

This video goes over the ACH payment process as well as how to set up ACH files in your ERP. This is an xTuple advanced topic and will be covered step-by-step, from creation to setup.

Introduction to xTuple Dashboards

Learn how to monitor and track key performance indicators (KPIs) using customizable dashboards in xTuple ERP. This video shows how you can quickly and easily set up and customize your own personal dashboards.

Setting up the Web-Enabled Server

Learn how easy it is to install and setup the xTuple web-enabled server. This video covers the basic steps, including a review of prerequisites and an end-to-end demo of the xTuple Admin Utility (xTAU) for database administrators.

Anatomy of a Bug Fix — Part 1

Get started learning how to fix bugs in the xTuple Mobile Web client. Topics covered include the vagrant development environment, SSH server access, Node.js package manager (npm), JavaScript console, and becoming familiar with the xTuple repository on GitHub.

Anatomy of a Bug Fix — Part 2

Learn about the complete bug fix cycle for the xTuple Mobile Web client. Video covers everything from assigning to resolving bugs, testing fixes, and working with GitHub to create and commit fixes.

Anatomy of a Bug Fix — Part 3

Become familiar with xTuple’s test-driven design (TDD) approach. Learn various ways to practice TDD when fixing xTuple Mobile Web client bugs.