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eCommerce for B2B — 2. CRM Integration

Learn how contact information for new customers is pushed into xTuple ERP after they complete their first purchase on an xTupleCommerce website, including a contact record, CRM account, and customer record.

eCommerce for B2B — 5. Site Administration

xTupleCommerce is built on top of a popular content management system (CMS) called Drupal. In this video, discover how website managers can easily manage marketing content, users and site information from the back end of their xTupleCommerce website.

CSVImp has been updated with new features including bulk importing of files (including images), the saving of atlases to the database, plus the ability to update information, as well as append. This tutorial provides an overview of how these new features are used.

ACH Payment Processing

This video goes over the ACH payment process as well as how to set up ACH files in your ERP. This is an xTuple advanced topic and will be covered step-by-step, from creation to setup.

In this video we introduce the new simple sales order screen, made available in the 4.10 release of xTuple ERP. This video will show you the many new features, options, and capabilities of this quick and easy sales order entry tool.

Introduction to xTuple Dashboards

Learn how to monitor and track key performance indicators (KPIs) using customizable dashboards in xTuple ERP. This video shows how you can quickly and easily set up and customize your own personal dashboards.

Lot/Serial Tracking Overview

This video provides a detailed overview of how to manage lot-controlled and/or serialized inventory in xTuple ERP. The principles discussed here apply to any industry where lot tracking and serialization are used.

Setting up the Web-Enabled Server

Learn how easy it is to install and setup the xTuple web-enabled server. This video covers the basic steps, including a review of prerequisites and an end-to-end demo of the xTuple Admin Utility (xTAU) for database administrators.

Free Demo Basics

Get started with xTuple by learning how to set up the xTuple free demo. This video will teach you all you need to know about signing up, and what information is needed to log into the demo database.

QuickStart: From Zero to xTuple in 25 minutes (or less) — Part 1

You’ll see how to define a default currency, set up accounting periods, create a vendor, a customer, an item, an item site, and then finally enter the item’s cost.