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Order to Cash Flow — Part 4

This section of the order-to-cash-flow process walks us through the manufacturing module and its set up, from identifying materials to posting production, editing work orders, and creating stock.

Order to Cash Flow — Part 7

In this final video of the order-to-cash-flow series, we will cover the entire order-to-cash-flow process from beginning to end.

Expense Request Processing

Learn more about the purchase order progress tracking extension for xTuple ERP. This video explores creating expense requests for non-inventory items, as well as permissions levels for purchasing users.

Introduction to Outside Processing

Learn about item sources, sites, and how to set them up to automatically create outside process purchase orders. We will also cover backflushing, releasing work order schedules, and creating vouchers for outside processing.

Printing Closed Purchase Orders

Learn how to print purchase orders after they have been closed. This video will teach you how to define a form keyed on purchase orders, so you can print them even after they’re closed.

Reopening Closed Purchase Orders

Learn how reopening closed line items causes purchase orders to reopen. This video will walk you through the steps required to reopen closed purchase orders by reopening the closed line items first.

Purchasing Master Information

Covers the basic setup required for the purchase module. You will learn about vendor types, the payables workbench, reject codes, and payable assignments.

Configuring Purchasing — Part 1

Get started configuring the purchase module. Learn about default order numbering policy, purchase requests, vouchers, planned orders, due dates, and purchase order release options.

Configuring Purchasing — Part 2

Dig deeper into the purchase module configuration. Learn more about options for configuring the purchase module, requiring tax on purchase orders, and purchase requests.

Configuring Purchasing — Part 3

How to configure drop shipping. This video covers drop shipping configuration, as well as a review of more purchase module setup options.