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Creating Users

How to create and maintain system users. Learn about usernames, passwords, localization, the purchasing agent flag, disabling export contents capability, and enabling enhanced authentication.

Defining Roles and Privileges

Discover how roles and privileges impact system users. Learn about user privileges, role-based privileges, site-specific settings, locales, and translation control.

Employee Overview

Get an overview on how employee records are defined. Topics covered include linking users to employees, filling in employee information, employee characteristics and values, timesheets, billing details, and compensation setup.

Employee Rates and Shifts

Discover how to set up rates for employees and assign employees to shifts. Topics covered include standard and individual labor rates, linking to work centers, rounding information, and capacity by department.

Currencies and Exchange Rates

How to establish currencies and exchange rates. Learn about base currency setup, multi-currency mode, and effectivity dates.

Employee Characteristics

Discover how characteristics can be added to employee records. Topics covered include characteristic setup, free form characteristics, input masks, validators, and value and order.

Setting up Calendars

Explore setting up custom calendars and other system setup topics. Learn about absolute vs. relative calendars, time-phased analysis, auto update signal interval, auto refresh, license limits, and access mode options.