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Sharing Search Filters

Learn how to edit existing filters and share them with your co-workers. This video details filter management and usage, focusing on sharing and receiving filters, as well as overwriting filters.

Using Date Shortcuts

How to use date shortcuts in xTuple. Learn how to quickly enter the current date, future dates, past dates, relative dates by the month or year, and more using simple keyboard shortcuts.

QuickStart Wizard

Get started quickly loading your data with the xTuple QuickStart Wizard. Learn how the QuickStart Wizard can guide you through the initial setup process. The QuickStart Wizard is available for sale in the xTuple app store.

Anatomy of a Bug Fix — Part 1

Get started learning how to fix bugs in the xTuple Mobile Web client. Topics covered include the vagrant development environment, SSH server access, Node.js package manager (npm), JavaScript console, and becoming familiar with the xTuple repository on GitHub.

Anatomy of a Bug Fix — Part 2

Learn about the complete bug fix cycle for the xTuple Mobile Web client. Video covers everything from assigning to resolving bugs, testing fixes, and working with GitHub to create and commit fixes.

Anatomy of a Bug Fix — Part 3

Become familiar with xTuple’s test-driven design (TDD) approach. Learn various ways to practice TDD when fixing xTuple Mobile Web client bugs.

User Preferences - Part 1

Learn about user roles, “free-floating” vs. “inside the desktop” windows, alternating row colors, ignoring translation errors, spell check, idle timeouts, preferred sites, text editing options, default ellipses actions, and menu preferences.

User Preferences — Part 2

Learn how to configure user preferences to create shortcuts and reminders. Video also discusses hot keys, events, alarms, password maintenance, and script debugging.

User Preferences - Part 3

Explore more details related to user and employee preferences. Learn how to create employees, maintain roles, and rescan privileges.

Clocking in Employees

How to clock in employees. Learn about the shop floor workbench, setup time, run time, selecting overhead accounts, time clock summary, posting employee time, and transactions related to the employee time clock.