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Using Date Shortcuts

How to use date shortcuts in xTuple. Learn how to quickly enter the current date, future dates, past dates, relative dates by the month or year, and more using simple keyboard shortcuts.

QuickStart Wizard

Get started quickly loading your data with the xTuple QuickStart Wizard. Learn how the QuickStart Wizard can guide you through the initial setup process. The QuickStart Wizard is available for sale in the xTuple app store.

Purchasing Master Information

Covers the basic setup required for the purchase module. You will learn about vendor types, the payables workbench, reject codes, and payable assignments.

Configuring Inventory — Part 2

Discover more about the inventory module configuration. Explore default settings for shipping and receiving.

Configuring Purchasing — Part 1

Get started configuring the purchase module. Learn about default order numbering policy, purchase requests, vouchers, planned orders, due dates, and purchase order release options.

Configuring Purchasing — Part 2

Dig deeper into the purchase module configuration. Learn more about options for configuring the purchase module, requiring tax on purchase orders, and purchase requests.

Configuring Purchasing — Part 3

How to configure drop shipping. This video covers drop shipping configuration, as well as a review of more purchase module setup options.

Creating Vendors

How to create vendors. Explore vendor types, contact information, terms, preferred currency, and FOB details.

Item Sources

Detailed review of how item sources work. Learn about vendor units of measure, conversion ratios, and price breaks.

Purchasing Contracts

Explore details related to purchasing contracts. Learn about item counts, effectivity dates, contract quantities, and linking item sources to contracts.