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Primary tabs

Item Master Tabs

Explore the tabs on the item master. Learn about item characteristics, remarks, extended descriptions, expense categories related to time sheets, conversion ratios, items sources, tax types, item aliases, and attaching documents.

Item Sites — Part 1

Get started learning how to set up item sites. Learn about settings for manufactured items, settings for purchased items, marking items sold, inventory control methods, cost categories, planner codes, and costing methods.

Item Sites — Part 2

Begin to understand how item site settings impact lot/serial and the scheduling systems. Learn about lot/serial control, constraint management, stock buffers, reorder levels, ABC codes, cycle count frequencies, and event fences.

Item Sites — Part 3

Begin to explore multiple location control (MLC) settings on the item site. Learn also about configuration options for purchase orders, sales orders, and drop shipping.

Item Sites — Part 4

Dive deeper into location and lot/serial control. Topics covered include distributing inventory, tracking inventory transactions in the ledger, miscellaneous adjustments, positive and negative quantity on hand (QOH), and location/lot/serial detail.

Item Sites — Part 5

Explore item site parameters related to the planning systems. Learn about MRP and MPS algorithms, order parameters, reorder levels, reorder level, min/max order quantities, order up to levels, safety stock, lead times, grouping, and planned transfer orders.

Planner Codes

Explore the relationship between planner codes and item sites. Learn about inventory availability, planned orders, rescheduling and deleting unreleased supply orders, and exploding planned orders.

Product Master Information

How to perform basic setup required for the products module. Explore class codes, units of measure (UOM), freight classes, product categories, and UOM conversion ratios.

Running MRP

How to run material requirements planning (MRP). Explore planned orders, cutoff dates, planner codes, creating exceptions, running availability, and order multiples.

Setting up Locations

How to set up locations for detailed location control. Explore key item site fields, location control, site selection, zones, nettable vs. non-nettable, and how to make locations restricted.