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Running MPS

How to run master production scheduling (MPS). Learn to understand planning items, planning collections, forecasting, and time fences.

Setting up MPS

How to set up master production scheduling (MPS). Learn about MPS and MRP algorithms, forecasting, defining production plans, schedule types, and releasing and recalling planned MPS orders.

Setting up Work Centers

Discover how to set up work centers. Learn about standard labor rates, location control, the differences between setup and run time, overhead, work center costing, scheduling considerations, and capacity planning.

Updating Actual and Standard Costs

How to perform updates to actual and standard costs. Learn about the relationship between actual and standard costs, how to roll up and post costs, make cost adjustments, and how these activities impact the general ledger.

User-Defined Costing Elements

Explore costing elements defined by the user. Learn about costing reports, cost maintenance, overhead costing, and zero cost items.

Configuring Inventory — Part 1

Get started learning how to configure the inventory module. Explore default item site options, transfer order settings, default locations, as-of QOH reporting, and costing method configuration.

Configuring Products

How to configure the products module. Topics covered include item transformations, revision control, BOM and routing defaults, and machine and general overhead configuration.

Configuring Schedules

Explore steps required for configuring the schedule module. Learn about enabling MRP and MPS, planned order number generation, default calendars, constraint management, buffers, MPS detail and forecasting.

Cost Categories

Learn more about how cost categories are linked to item sites. Video will review all the various account types included in the cost category definitions.

Item Master Basics

Covers the basic fields on the item master. Learn about item types, pick list items, fractional items, configured items, item weights, product categories, list prices, wholesale prices, pricing units of measure (UOM), and warranty information.