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Where can I find xTuple software releases and packages?

GitHub and SourceForge

Most xTuple projects are managed — and products are hosted — on GitHub. Start here on our main GitHub page: https://xtuple.github.io.

We host most non-commercial packages and releases on GitHub and on SourceForge, the community collaboration resource for open source software development and distribution. Our PostBooks® project main page is: https://sourceforge.net/projects/postbooks/. For direct access to the nightly builds, released clients, utilities, etc., visit the Files tab of our PostBooks® project page: https://sourceforge.net/projects/postbooks/files/.

If you do not have access to a GitHub repository listed below, they are marked PRIVATE. You must be logged in at GitHub. If you do not have a GitHub account, you will need to create one and request xTuple GitHub access via xTuple Forums: New Development.

Please ALWAYS check the xTuple Compatibility Matrix, which has an up-to-date listing of product and version compatibility. The version numbers on the matrix also link to the specific download.

xTuple Clients


Updater Clients


Manufacturing, Distribution, Enterprise Editions (commercial access only; contact sales)


xTuple Desktop | xTDesktop

Fixed Assets


Fixed Assets Maintenance/Depreciation (commercial access only; contact sales)


xTuple Connect | xTConnect (commercial access only; contact sales)


xDruple (commercial access only; contact sales)

https://github.com/xtuple/xdruple-extension/tree/master/packages (yes, the QT side can be installed via the updater)

Payment Gateways (commercial access only; contact sales)




xTuple Dashboards | xTDash (commercial access only; contact sales)


Don't see a package you're looking for?

Try finding the repository on xTuple's GitHub page and add "/releases" — example:


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