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Where can I find xTuple software releases and packages?

Downloading xTuple Software

xTuple's software can be downloaded either from xTuple's commercial downloads website or from GitHub. You must have a website account on one or the other, and you must tell xTuple about that account so we can grant you appropriate download privileges. Commercial download accounts and GitHub accounts are not linked to each other, so you'll need to be consistent about which one you use for downloading files.

Please always check the xTuple Compatibility Matrix before you download files. The matrix has an up-to-date listing of product and version compatibility and also links to downloads.

Commercial Downloads Via xtuple.org

The commercial downloads site uses a folder paradigm. You always start at the top and have to navigate down to find the package and version you need.

If you have the advanced manufacturing capabilities, you should find everything you need to upgrade in the mfg folder. If you've been using the distribution feature set then look in the distribution folder. There are also folders for individual packages and stand-alone applications.

Downloads from GitHub

In contrast the GitHub interface is based on the technical details of how xTuple organizes, manages, and builds releases of our software. We control our main database components, desktop applications, and individual extension packages in separate code repositories (think "areas of the GitHub website"). Downloads are typically available from the individual code repositories, so you really have to know what you're looking for to find it. Once you find the right repository, navigate to the releases and pick the version you need.

If you have a GitHub account and have been added to the xtuple organization, you should be able to use the github links on the Compatibility Matrix to go directly to specific downloads. If you already know the name of the code repository, just add the /releases suffix to build the URL:


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