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Can I manage my item images in the xTupleCommerce website?

Your xTupleCommerce site has the capability of hosting images, PDFs, documents and other media. Once your site is live you can associate these files with Items and Item Groups in the ERP. For instance, you can associate product images with Items in the ERP. Or you can associate Marketing PDFs with Items in the ERP. These images and PDFs will be displayed with the products on the xTupleCommerce site.

If your site is still in the development or testing phases (aka, you are still going to a stage.domain.xtuple.net URL to view your site), we encourage you to use a service such as Cloudinary to host your images and determine URLs.

However, if your xTupleCommerce website has gone live, you can begin using the site to host files and create the URLs needed for the document in the ERP. 

Uploading the files to your xTupleCommerce site :

  1. Go to your xTupleCommerce website and login as a manager or editor. 
  2. Navigate Admin > Content > Files.
  3. Click ADD FILE
  4. Select and upload the image. Typically files must be less than 8MB. 
  5. Click NEXT
  6. Leave the radio button selected for public local files and click NEXT.
  7. Update and fill in the fields for name and file name. The name will show up in the URL path of the image. 
  8. Click SAVE. 
  9. Highlight the path of the image-most recently added files are on the top of the list-and copy.

Associate files with Items or Item Groups in the ERP

  1. Login to your ERP.
  2. Open an Item or Item Group
  3. Go to the documents tab
  4. Click Attach
  5. Choose Web Site from the drop down
  6. Give the file a name in the Name field
  7. Paste the URL into the URL Field
  8. The URL should include your website domain followed by the path that you copied.  
    Example: https://www.yourwebsite.com/files/public/content/media/image.jpg
  9. Click Save 
  10. Save and close the Item and Item Group

Check your work

Navigate to the Item or Item Group where the file should appear on the website

The file should appear. If the file does not appear, you may need to flush the cache on the website.

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