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Contains links and useful getting started information for users of all kinds, whether you're evaluating xTuple for possible purchase, implementing the software for the first time, or just coming on board at your company as a new employee.

If you would like to learn more about translating the xTuple ERP user interface, then this article provides all the information you will need to get started.

In this article, you'll learn how, as a script or core application developer, you can make your work translatable and localizable. Some of the tools you'll use are part of Qt's application framework and others have been built by xTuple.

International users and translators can use this glossary to help them understand some of the more complicated terms found in the user interface for xTuple ERP. This user interface glossary is intended as a supplement to the glossary attached to the reference guide.

Read this article to learn about the various methods available to obtain translation files for xTuple ERP. The application is designed to be easily translatable into any language—and many already-existing translations are available.

Qt allows you to load language translation files into an application at run-time. The result is that application text (i.e., screen titles, field labels, help files, etc.) will be displayed in the language of the translation file.

User interface translations of xTuple ERP are now being managed in the xTuple source code repositories on GitHub. This new method replaces the former management of translations in the now deprecated xTuple Translation Portal. If you would like to contribute a new translation of xTuple ERP—or generally participate as an xTuple translator—you must familiarize yourself with using GitHub repositories, if you are not already.

If your company does business in multiple countries, then this article describing xTuple's multi-currency support is a must read. Support for transactions in multiple currencies is built into the core software, with support also for tracking exchange rate fluctuations.