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Installing PostBooks®... the long way

While we do publish PostBooks® Installers that will quickly and easily install PostBooks®, some people like to make the installation a fun little project by installing the individual components. And really, it's not a bad way for you to practice installing, or to get hands on experience with some of the pieces that we try to hide from you in the packaged installers. This will be like taking a long walk, but in the end, it's the journey that counts.

Now, if you've been following my writings/ramblings for a while, or if you have met me in person, you know that I'm fiercly aligned with the Penguin Nation, that is, I use, recommend, endorse, and otherwise try to sell everyone on using some flavor of Linux. Well, In this blog, you'll notice I don't say "Now, go to 'terminal' and..." .

[To read the rest of Perry Clark's blog post, please follow this link.]

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