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Creating Ship Vias for xTupleCommerce


Customers can use FedEx and UPS on their xTupleCommerce site as shipping services. xTupleCommerce can connect directly to the customer's UPS or FedEx account via an API to receive the carriers' shipping options and the costs based on the customer's negotiated rates. The shipping companies offer many levels of shipping, including Ground, Overnight, Expedited, 2 Day, etc. Each of these shipping options can be used and displayed on the xTupleCommerce site, with some set up required in both the ERP and xTupleCommerce. Below are the steps required to enable this feature.

Define which Shipping Options are required

The first step is to decide which shipping services you want to offer to your customers. Each carrier offers several options. It's not a good idea to overwhelm your customers with options, but rather narrow down to the best options. Additionally, if your team requires speciality shipping options like Customer Pick-up or Freight Shipping, you can add those to the list.

Set up ShipVia's in ERP

  • Log into the ERP

  • Go to Sales > Setup > Master Information

  • Select "Ship Vias" from the menu

  • You may have ship vias in the system already. Each of these ship vias should represent a type of shipping (Ground, Overnight, Customer Pickup, etc).

  • If you need additional ship vias that represent the other carrier options, create them by clicking on the NEW button

  • Give the new ship via a code and a description

Share information with the xTupleCommerce Developers

  • After adding the ship vias to the ERP make a list of the ship vias that will be required in xTupleCommerce

  • Ensure that the list includes the dode and description from the ERP and which shipping service the code/description represents

For example

ERP CODE ERP Description Carrier Service Name
NXDY Expedited UPS Next Day Air
2DY 2 Day UPS 2nd Day Air
GRND Ground Shipping UPS Ground
    • Send this information to the xTupleCommerce developers to expose those options in xTupleCommerce

    • Once the system is updated, be sure to test each of the shipping options from xTupleCommerce and ensure they are populating correctly in the sales order
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