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Advanced Customer Service Representative (CSR) Tools in xTupleCommerce

xTupleCommerce offers a feature that allows managers to "masquerade" as existing customers from within xTupleCommerce. This is especially helpful for customer service representatives (CSR) and sales team members.

What does "Masquerading as a Customer" Mean?

Masquerading refers to the ability to log into xTupleCommerce as a manager or CSR, then update your account to a customer's account so that you can act on their behalf. Once you are masquerading as a customer, you will experience the site as if you were the customer. You will see items they added to their cart, you can checkout on their behalf them, save carts, manage account information, etc. You'll even see pricing information based on their pricing schedules. 

If that same customer is logged into the site at the same time, you will be experiencing each of the updates they make and vice versa. If they add an item to the cart, the next time you refresh the site you will see their new addition. If you save a cart during checkout, they will experience the cart being emptied and the original cart saved to their My Account area.

This is especially helpful for customer service representatives and sales team members who need to walk a customer through a purchasing process. This is a very powerful tool and one that current xTupleCommerce users find to be very useful for engaging with customers and building stronger customer relationships. 

This article offers details about how this feature works and the kind of experience it creates for users, as well as instructions for enabling this feature for your xTupleCommerce managers, CSRs and sales team members.

Assigning the Masquerade Feature to Users

The first thing you need to do is assign permissions to users who will need to masquerade as customers. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Log into the xTupleCommerce site as an existing manager (if you already have an xTupleCommerce user that needs this privilege, skip to step #6: "Log into the ERP").
  2. Go to People > Add People.
  3. Fill out all the details about the new user.
  4. Be sure to check the manager Role checkbox. [Note: this will also work with the editor role.]
  5. Save the new user account.
  6. Log into the ERP.
  7. Go to CRM > Account > List.
  8. Double click the account.
  9. Check the Customer checkbox then click the Customer button.
  10. Say Yes to "Do you want to convert this Prospect into a Customer?"
  11. The customer Record will open.
  12. Save and close the customer record.
  13. You will be returned to the account record window.
  14. Click the User Account button.
  15. This opens the User Account Information settings for this particular account.
  16. Update the module to Sales.
  17. Add the ViewCustomerMasters privilege.
  18. Update the module to xDruple.
  19. Add the MaintainxDrupleUserAssociations privilege.
  20. Click SAVE.
  21. This will return you to the Account window.
  22. Click Save to close the Account window.
  23. Now the new manager user can log into the xTupleCommerce site and masquerade as an existing customer.

How Managers Masquerade as Existing Customers

  1. The manager/CSR logs into xTupleCommerce.
  2. They immediately see the CSR tool above the header on the website (see image above).
  3. Click into the Customer field.
  4. Begin typing information about the customer.
  5. The customer must be an existing customer in the ERP. Not a Prospect (check the Account Record). If needed, convert them to a customer in the ERP.
  6. You can search by Name, email address, account number, etc.
    [Hint - begin typing the first several characters of the customer's email address, then let the system return results. This may take a few seconds.]
  7. The Customer field will return a list of results.
  8. Once your customer is found, click their name.
  9. Click the Save button on the right.
  10. You are now masquerading as this customer.
  11. At this point you can update the ShipTo Address to the right of the customer field and you can set a ShipDate if that is applicable to your task.

What can be done while Masquerading as a Customer

As you navigate the site, you will now see everything as this customer would experience the site. The only thing on the site that is still related to your original manager account is the My Account > Account tab. This is where you manage your login information for your own account.

While Masquerading you will be able to see each of the following as if you were the Customer:

  • You will see all prices that are relevant to the customer and their Pricing Schedules. 
  • You can use Coupon Codes that are relevant to the customer
  • Any Volume Based Discounts that are relevant to the customer
  • You can update/edit/view the following pages as the customer
    • My Account > Shipping Addresses
    • My Account > Billing Address
    • My Account > Credit Cards
    • My Account > Saved Carts
    • My Account > Pending Orders
    • My Account > Invoices
  • You can add items to the cart
  • You can edit or remove items from the cart
  • Save Carts
  • Checkout as the customer
    • During checkout you can use any payment terms that are typically available to the user
  • Save credit cards to the customer's account

Masquerading while the customer is logged in

Even if the current customer is logged into the xTupleCommerce site, you are still able to masquerade as them. Once you begin masquerading as the customer, they will see your actions during refreshes and you will see their actions as well. For instance, if you add an item to the cart, when they refresh the site they will see that item in the cart. If they add a new ShipTo address to their account, as soon as you refresh the page you will see that new address in all the appropriate places (My Account, Checkout, etc). 

Once you are done

Once you are done masquerading as a customer you must click the Reset button in the tool at the top of the screen to revert back to your account. Once you are reverted back to your account you can begin to masquerade as another customer. 

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