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About xTuple University — Getting Started

Welcome to xTuple University

With xTupleU, you can get started faster, explore complex areas of study, find answers to your frequently asked questions, evaluate the software for possible purchase, and deliver dependable training for new employees. We've designed this community website so that anyone — from the owner to operations to sales, and everything in between — can follow a well-defined path of information related to their respective company roles.

Best of all? Study at your own pace, from any place, any time of day (or night).

We're always looking for feedback and new ideas to help us improve the learning experience.

Have an idea?

Whether for xTupleU content or you have a request for a new topic or subject? Tell us what you need!

Have a question?

xTuple offers an online meeting place where ideas are exchanged and your most important questions asked — and answered (or debated!). Unpaid support is not available via phone or email. Join the open source ERP global community and our shared user knowledge base — ask your question in the Forums!


Request Demo

If you're new to xTuple, you should register for a Demo — a great place to start. You'll have full access to explore and test xTuple ERP+CRM with a demo database in the cloud — all with no time limit. The demo database is an invaluable tool as you work through the materials at xTupleU. Click on the link in our website's footer or below. Or look for the green REQUEST DEMO button on our website to register.

Register for a Demo of xTuple!


Demo Guides

For a high-level, getting started overview of xTuple ERP, check out one (or both) of our introductory demo guides. These demo guides provide the perfect introduction to the software. The first demo guide focuses on inventory businesses, while the second demonstrates using xTuple ERP in a service business:

HINT: Use your Demo database to follow along with the demo guides!


Getting Around xTupleU

All the content on xTupleU falls under one of two categories: Subject and Company Role. These categories are designed to help you focus on topics that impact you directly. And please feel free to explore any category that interests you. Use the filters in the library to narrow and define your searches:

The library contains tabs for each of the xTupleU content types:

  1. Videos — Generally short (approx. 5 minute) video commentaries from subject matter experts
  2. Articles — Detailed explorations of topics related to xTuple products
  3. FAQs — Quick answers to frequently asked questions
  4. Manuals — Book-length information, from reference guides to product guides; available in both HTML and PDF

Find information by individual content type, using filters available under each tab. Or, to broaden your search, use the Search bar located at the top of the page. The Search bar finds results across all content types, including information from other xTuple websites.

Search across all xTuple wesbites for answers!


Training Classes

While xTupleU provides the perfect environment for self-paced, independent study, you will also benefit from taking a class — either online or in-person — from one of xTuple's experienced instructors. xTuple offers a wide-range of both in-person classroom and remote online training classes.

Learn more about xTuple training options.


Join the xTuple Community


Need to download xTuple software? Looking to buy (or sell) add-ons, or seeking access to commercial editions of xTuple?

Visit xTuple downloads.



Message board for online discussions where you can have conversations with — and ask questions of — the global xTuple Community.

Ask a question on the xTuple Forums.


Compatibility Matrix

When you upgrade from one version of xTuple ERP to another, it is required that you upgrade the core xTuple software. Performing an upgrade to the core software is a prerequisite for moving from one version of xTuple ERP to the next. It is not always necessary, however, to upgrade the extension packages or other applications which operate with xTuple. The compatibility matrix helps ensure your extension packages and other applications are compatible with the xTuple ERP version you are currently running — or upgrading to.

Check the Compatibility Matrix.


Customer Support

Your Customer Success Team is eager to assist you. Submit issues and make support requests directly online.

Customers with active xTuple Support Contracts submit help tickets here. (And purchase Support if you're not already covered!)


Product Roadmap

xTuple works tirelessly on continual enhancements, fixes and improvements, and with our core open source philosophy, we provide a transparent development map of major functional and architectural issues.

Learn more about xTuple's Product Roadmap.


Quality Assurance 

One reason xTuple is such a reliable business solution is that, for every release, we submit the application to a rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) process. Using a combination of automated test scripts, more detailed manual use cases, and feedback from community beta testers, the QA team provides our developers with valuable feedback throughout the software release cycle. Community involvement is critical to the continued success and improvement of xTuple products.

See xTuple's QA testing methods and provide feedback.


Professional Services

Trying to implement xTuple on your own is impressive. But when you reach the point where you need help from a subject matter expert, we're glad to help.

Support for xTuple Products.

Contact Professional Services.


How to Get Updates

Connect with xTuple for training, special announcements, software updates and new releases — whether you're a small business or large enterprise, we deliver powerful tools to grow your business, Grow Your World®.

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