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Essential reading for anyone involved with upgrading xTuple ERP from one version to the next. Make sure to bookmark this article; it contains mission critical information about the compatibility of all moving parts of the ERP — including core software, add-on packages, operating systems and the PostgreSQL database.

xTuple ERP+CRM 5.0.0 is a big release. A lot of features have been added that should make life better for application users. The price we pay for that added richness is that the internals have changed. Power users and administrators need to do work to upgrade to 5.0.0 successfully. We strongly recommend piloting the 5.0.0 Beta release, and again with the release candidate.

This article describes how to prepare for the upgrade to xTuple ERP+CRM 5.0.0. The goals are to help you prepare for the upgrade over time, improve your production database as you go, give you practice for the production database upgrade, and minimize last-minute work. Keep checking back; we'll improve this article as we get feedback from customers and partners [updated March 22, 2019].

The product roadmap serves as a basic development map of major functional and architectural issues for xTuple ERP and related products. As such, this document is continually updated, as the development priorities and emphasis evolve over time.

This article includes a list of the best practices and tips for keeping your PostgreSQL database secure and maintaining that security.

Tired of dragging your laptop into the warehouse or onto the shop floor or the loading dock? With the xTuple mobile inventory app, you can now use any Android device to perform the most common inventory transactions.

Tired of maintaining tax codes and tax assignments by hand? Learn how xTuple's integration with the Avalara tax service can handle your tax calculations for you automatically.

If you have a commercial support contract with xTuple, you may periodically need to share a backup of your database with the xTuple support team. This article explains how.

This article will provide you with basic information about how transfer orders can be used to move inventory between warehouses.

Packages are used to extend the functionality of xTuple ERP. Review these simple steps for installing packages into the system.

There may be times when you need to reopen a sales order that has already been invoiced and closed. This article walks you through the steps to return a sales order to its original state.