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Core xTuple ERP Privileges

Here are the privileges in the public schema:

Module Name Description Package/Schema Risk Usage
Accounting ApplyAPMemos Can Apply A/P Memos public   controls access to the Apply button on the unappliedAPCreditMemos screen
Accounting ApplyARMemos Can Apply A/R Credit/Demo Memos public   controls access to Apply Credit Memo right-click menu item and the Apply button on the dspAROpenItems screen and the Apply button on the unappliedARCreditMemos screens
Accounting ChangeARInvcDistDate Can distribute an Invoice to the G/L using a date other than the Invoice Date public    
Accounting ChangePORecvPostDate Can post a Purchase Order Receipt to the G/L using a date other than the actual Receipt Date public    
Accounting ChangeSOMemoPostDate Can post a Sales Order Credit Memo to the G/L using a date other than the Credit Memo Document Date public    
Accounting ChangeVOPostDate Can post a Voucher to the G/L using a date other than the Voucher Distribution Date public    
Accounting CreateNewCurrency Create New Currencies public    
Accounting DeletePostedJournals Can delete posted Standard and Simple Journal Entries public    
Accounting EditAPOpenItem Can Edit A/P Open Items public    
Accounting EditAROpenItem Can Edit A/R Open Items public    
Accounting EditPostedJournals Can delete posted Standard and Simple Journal Entries public    
Accounting MaintainAccountingPeriods Can Add/Edit/Delete Accounting Periods public    
Accounting MaintainAdjustmentTypes Can Add/Edit/Delete Adjustment Types public    
Accounting MaintainAPMemos Can Add/Edit/Post A/P Memos public    
Accounting MaintainARMemos Can Add/Edit/Delete A/R Credit/Demo Memos public    
Accounting MaintainBankAdjustments Can Add/Edit/Delete Bank Adjustments public    
Accounting MaintainBankRec Can Maintain Bank Reconciliations public    
Accounting MaintainBudgets Can maintain budget information public    
Accounting MaintainCashReceipts Can Add/Edit/Delete Cash Receipts public    
Accounting MaintainChartOfAccounts Can Add/Edit/Delete Accounts in the Chart of Accounts public    
Accounting MaintainCheckFormats Can Add/Edit/Delete A/P Check Formats public    
Accounting MaintainCurrencies Modify Existing Currencies public    
Accounting MaintainCurrencyRates Add and Modify Currency Exchange Rates public    
Accounting MaintainFinancialLayouts Can Add/Edit/Delete Financial Layouts public    
Accounting MaintainMiscInvoices Can Add/Edit/Delete Misc. Invoices public    
Accounting MaintainPayments Can Maintain Payment and Check information. public    
Accounting MaintainReasonCodes User is allowed to maintain the Reason Codes. public    
Accounting MaintainStandardJournalGroups Can Add/Edit/Delete Standard Journal Groups public    
Accounting MaintainStandardJournals Can Add/Edit/Delete Standard Journals public    
Accounting MaintainTaxAssignments Can Add/Edit/Delete Tax Assignments public    
Accounting MaintainTaxAuthorities Can Add/Edit/Delete Tax Authorities. public    
Accounting MaintainTaxClasses Can Add/Edit/Delete Tax Classes public    
Accounting MaintainTaxReconciliations Can Add/Edit/Delete unposted Tax Reconciliation records and associated data. public    
Accounting MaintainTaxTypes Can Add/Edit/Delete Tax Types. public    
Accounting MaintainTaxZones Can Add/Edit/Delete Tax Zones public    
Accounting MaintainTerms Can Add/Edit/Delete Terms public    
Accounting MaintainVendorAccounts Can Add/Edit/Delete Vendor Account Assignments public    
Accounting MaintainVouchers Can Add/Edit/Delete Vouchers public    
Accounting OverrideTax Can manually override the system-selected Tax Code and/or tax % for individual Invoice line items. public    
Accounting PostARDocuments Can Post Invoices and Credit Memos public    
Accounting PostBankAdjustments Can Post Bank Adjustments public    
Accounting PostCashReceipts Can Post Cash Receipts public    
Accounting PostJournalEntries Can Post Journal Entries public    
Accounting PostMiscInvoices Can Post Misc. Invoices public    
Accounting PostPayments Can Post Payments/Checks. public    
Accounting PostStandardJournalGroups Can Post Standard Journal Groups public    
Accounting PostStandardJournals Can Post Standard Journals public    
Accounting PostSubLedger Can post sub ledger transactions public    
Accounting PostVouchers Can Post Vouchers public    
Accounting PrintAPJournals Can view A/P Open Item infomation and related screens that use that information. public    
Accounting PrintARJournals Can view A/R Open Item infomation and related screens that use that information. public    
Accounting PrintInvoices Can Print Invoices public    
Accounting ProcessCreditCards Can Process Credit Card Transactions public    
Accounting ReversePostedCashReceipt Can Reverse Cash Receipt Posting public    
Accounting SynchronizeCompanies Can run company trial balance synchronization utility. public    
Accounting ViewAccountingPeriods Can View Accounting Periods public    
Accounting ViewAdjustmentTypes Can View Adjustment Types public    
Accounting ViewAPMemos Can View A/P Memos public    
Accounting ViewAPOpenItems Can view A/P Open Item infomation and related screens that use that information. public    
Accounting ViewARMemos Can View A/R Credit/Demo Memos public    
Accounting ViewAROpenItems Can view A/R Open Item infomation and related screens that use that information. public    
Accounting ViewBankAdjustments Can View Bank Adjustments public    
Accounting ViewBankRec Can View Bank Reconciliation Information public    
Accounting ViewBudgets Can view budget information, not affecting FRE ability to view budgets. public    
Accounting ViewCashReceipts Can View Cash Receipts public    
Accounting ViewCheckFormats Can View A/P Check Formats public    
Accounting ViewCurrencyRates View Currency Exchange Rates public    
Accounting ViewDepositsRegister Can view the Deposits Register. public    
Accounting ViewFinancialLayouts Can View Financial Layouts public    
Accounting ViewFinancialReports Can View Financial Reports public    
Accounting ViewGLTransactions Can View G/L Transactions public    
Accounting ViewInvoiceRegister Can view the Invoice Register. public    
Accounting ViewMiscInvoices Can View Misc. Invoices public    
Accounting ViewStandardJournalGroups Can View Standard Journal Groups public    
Accounting ViewStandardJournals Can View Standard Journals public    
Accounting ViewSubLedger Can view sub ledger transactions public    
Accounting ViewTaxAssignments Can View Tax Assignments public    
Accounting ViewTaxAuthorities Can View Tax Authorities. public    
Accounting ViewTaxClasses Can view Tax Classes public    
Accounting ViewTaxReconciliations Can View Tax Reconciliation records and associated data. public    
Accounting ViewTaxTypes Can View Tax Types. public    
Accounting ViewTaxZones Can view Tax Zones public    
Accounting ViewTrialBalances Can View Trial Balances public    
Accounting ViewVendorAccounts Can View Vendor Account Assignments public    
Accounting ViewVouchers Can View Vouchers public    
Accounting VoidPostedAPCheck Can void a posted A/P Check. public    
CRM AddIncidents Can Add new Incidents and Incident Log entries public    
CRM CloseIncident Can Close an Incident after confirming that is has been satisfactorily resolved public    
CRM EditOwner Can Edit Owner in CRM documents public    
CRM EditOwnIncidentLog Can Edit existing Incident Log entries created by the current OpenMFG user but not those created by others public    
CRM MaintainAddresses Can Add/Edit/Delete Addresses public    
CRM MaintainCompetitorMasters Can Add/Edit/Delete Competitor Masters public    
CRM MaintainContacts Can Add/Edit/Delete Contacts public    
CRM MaintainCRMAccounts Can Add/Edit/Delete CRM Accounts public    
CRM MaintainIncidentCategories Can Add/Edit/Delete Incident Categories public    
CRM MaintainIncidentPriorities Can Add/Edit/Delete Incident Priorities public    
CRM MaintainIncidentResolutions Can Add/Edit/Delete Incident Resolutions public    
CRM MaintainIncidents Can Add/Edit/Delete Incidents and Incident Log entries public    
CRM MaintainIncidentSeverities Can Add/Edit/Delete Incident Severities public    
CRM MaintainOpportunities Can Add/Edit/Delete Opportunities public    
CRM MaintainOpportunitySources Can Add/Edit/Delete Opportunity Sources public    
CRM MaintainOpportunityStages Can Add/Edit/Delete Opportunity Stages public    
CRM MaintainOpportunityTypes Can Add/Edit/Delete Opportunity Types public    
CRM MaintainOtherTodoLists Can Add/Edit/Delete from To-Do Lists belonging to other people public    
CRM MaintainPartners Can Add/Edit/Delete Partner Masters public    
CRM MaintainPersonalTodoList Can Add/Edit/Delete from a personal To-Do List public    
CRM MaintainProjects Users will be able to create, edit and delete projects. public    
CRM MaintainProspects Can Add/Edit/Delete Prospect Masters public    
CRM MaintainTitles Can Add/Edit/Delete Titles (Honorifics). public    
CRM MaintainWarrantyTerms Can Add/Edit/Delete Warranty Terms public    
CRM OverrideTodoListItemData Can Edit data entered by the To-Do List Item's creator public    
CRM ReassignTodoListItem Can Reassign a To-Do List Item to other people public    
CRM ViewAddresses Can View Addresses public    
CRM ViewCommLog Can View the Communications Log public    
CRM ViewCompetitorMasters Can View Competitor Masters public    
CRM ViewContacts Can View Contacts public    
CRM ViewCRMAccounts Can View CRM Accounts public    
CRM ViewIncidentHistory Can View the entire Incident History public    
CRM ViewIncidents Can View Incidents and Incident Log Entries public    
CRM ViewOpportunities Can View Opportunities public    
CRM ViewOtherTodoLists Can View To-Do Lists belonging to other people public    
CRM ViewPartners Can View Partner Masters public    
CRM ViewPersonalTodoList Can View a personal To-Do List public    
CRM ViewProjects Users will be able to create, edit and delete projects. public    
CRM ViewProspects Can View Prospect Masters public    
CRM ViewTitles Can View Titles (Honorifics). public    
CRM ViewWarrantyTerms Can View Warranty Terms public    
Custom CustomDisplayItemLocations Auto Generated Custom Priv. public    
Custom   Auto Generated Custom Priv. public    
Inventory AlterTransactionDates Can set the Transaction Date written to the G/L and Inventory History tables for inventory transactions. public    
Inventory CreateAdjustmentTrans Can Create an Adjustment Transaction public    
Inventory CreateExpenseTrans Can Create an Expense Transaction public    
Inventory CreateInterWarehouseTrans Can Create a Inter-Warehouse Transfer Transaction public    
Inventory CreateReceiptTrans Can Create a Misc. Receipt Transaction public    
Inventory CreateScrapTrans Can Create a Scrap Transaction public    
Inventory CreateTransformTrans Can Create Transform Transactions public    
Inventory DeleteCountSlips Can Delete Count Slips public    
Inventory DeleteCountTags Delete Count Tags public    
Inventory DeleteItemSites Can Delete Item Sites public    
Inventory EnterCountSlips Can Create and Enter Count Slips public    
Inventory EnterCountTags Can Enter Count Tags public    
Inventory EnterMiscCounts Can Enter Misc. Counts public    
Inventory EnterReceipts Can Enter Receipts public    
Inventory EnterReturns Can Enter Returns public    
Inventory EnterShippingInformation Can Enter Shipping Information public    
Inventory FreezeInventory Can Freeze Inventory public    
Inventory IssueCountTags Can Issue Count Tags public    
Inventory IssueStockToShipping Can Issue Stock to Shipping public    
Inventory MaintainCarriers Can Add/Edit/Delete Shippers public    
Inventory MaintainCharacteristics Can Add/Edit/Delete Characteristics public    
Inventory MaintainCostCategories Can Add/Edit/Delete Cost Categories public    
Inventory MaintainDestinations Can Add/Edit/Delete Destinations public    
Inventory MaintainExternalShipping Can Change or Create External Shipping Records. public    
Inventory MaintainItemSites Can Add/Edit/Delete Item Sites public    
Inventory MaintainLocations Can Add/Edit/Delete Warehouse Locations public    
Inventory MaintainPackingListBatch Can Modify Packing List Batch public    
Inventory MaintainSiteTypes Can Change or Create Settings For Site Types public    
Inventory MaintainTransferOrders Can Add/Edit/Delete Transfer Orders public    
Inventory MaintainWarehouses Can Add/Edit/Delete Warehouses public    
Inventory OverrideTODate Can Change the Order Date of existing Transfer Orders public    
Inventory PostCountSlips Can Post Count Slips public    
Inventory PostCountTags Can Post Count Tags public    
Inventory PrintBillsOfLading Can Print Bills of Lading public    
Inventory PurgeCountSlips Can Purge Posted Count Slips public    
Inventory PurgeCountTags Cost Purge Posted Count Tags public    
Inventory PurgeShippingRecords Can Purge Shipping Records public    
Inventory ReassignLotSerial Can Reassign Lot/Serial #s public    
Inventory RecallInvoicedShipment Can recall shipments that have already been invoiced. public    
Inventory RecallOrders Can Recall Orders to Shipping public    
Inventory ReleaseTransferOrders Can Release Transfer Orders from status Unreleased to status Open public    
Inventory RelocateInventory Can Relocate Inventory public    
Inventory ReturnStockFromShipping Can Return Stock from Shipping public    
Inventory ShipOrders Can Ship Orders from Shipping public    
Inventory SummarizeInventoryTransactions Can Summarized Inventory Transactions public    
Inventory ThawInventory Can Thaw Inventory public    
Inventory UpdateABCClass Can Run Update ABC Class Utility public    
Inventory UpdateCycleCountFreq Can Update an Item Site's Cycle Count Frequency public    
Inventory UpdateLeadTime Can Update an Item Site's Lead Time public    
Inventory UpdateOUTLevels Can Update Order Up To Levels public    
Inventory UpdateReorderLevels Can Update Reorder Levels public    
Inventory ViewCarriers Can View Shippers public    
Inventory ViewCharacteristics Can View Characteristics public    
Inventory ViewCostCategories Can View Cost Categories public    
Inventory ViewCountTags View Count Tags public    
Inventory ViewDestinations Can View Destinations public    
Inventory ViewInventoryAvailability Can View Inventory Availability public    
Inventory ViewInventoryHistory Can View Inventory History public    
Inventory ViewInventoryValue Can View Inventory Values public    
Inventory ViewItemAvailabilityWorkbench Can View Item Availability Workbench. public    
Inventory ViewItemSites Can View Item Sites public    
Inventory ViewLocations Can View Warehouse Locations public    
Inventory ViewPackingListBatch Can View Packing List Batch public    
Inventory ViewQOH Can View QOH public    
Inventory ViewShipping Can View Stock at Shipping public    
Inventory ViewSiteTypes Can View Settings For Site Types public    
Inventory ViewTransferOrders Can View Transfer Orders public    
Inventory ViewWarehouses Can View Warehouses public    
Inventory ZeroCountTags Can Zero Uncounted Count Tags public    
Manufacture ChangeNonPickItems Can change the Issue Items Not On Pick List flag on Post Production. public    
Manufacture ChangeReceiveInventory Can change the Receive Inventory List flag on Post Operations. public    
Manufacture ChangeWorkOrderQty Can Change Work Order Quantities public    
Manufacture CloseWorkOrders Can Close Work Orders public    
Manufacture DeleteWorkOrders Can Delete Open Work Orders public    
Manufacture ExplodeWorkOrders Can Explode Work Orders public    
Manufacture ImplodeWorkOrders Can Implode Work Orders public    
Manufacture IssueWoMaterials Can Issue Work Order Materials public    
Manufacture MaintainWoMaterials Can Add/Edit/Delete Work Order Materials public    
Manufacture MaintainWorkOrders Can Add/Edit/Delete Work Orders public    
Manufacture PostMiscProduction Can Make Miscellaneous Production Postings public    
Manufacture PostProduction Can Post Production public    
Manufacture PrintWorkOrderPaperWork Can Print Work Order Paper Work public    
Manufacture PurgeWorkOrders Can Purge Closed Work Orders public    
Manufacture RecallWorkOrders Can Recall Work Orders public    
Manufacture ReleaseWorkOrders Can Release Work Orders public    
Manufacture ReprioritizeWorkOrders Can Reprioritize Work Orders public    
Manufacture RescheduleWorkOrders Can Reschedule Work Orders public    
Manufacture ReturnWoMaterials Can Return Work Order Materials public    
Manufacture ScrapWoMaterials   public    
Manufacture ViewMaterialVariances Can View W/O Material Variances public    
Manufacture ViewWoMaterials Can View Work Order Materials public    
Manufacture ViewWorkOrders Can View Work Orders public    
Misc. MaintainExpenseCategories Can Add/Edit/Delete Expense Categories public    
Misc. MaintainSalesCategories Can Add/Edit/Delete Sales Categories public    
Misc. MaintainShippingChargeTypes Can Add/Edit/Delete Shipping Charge Types public    
Misc. ViewExpenseCategories Can View Expense Categories public    
Misc. ViewSalesCategories Can View Sales Categories public    
Misc. ViewShippingChargeTypes Can View Shipping Charge Types public    
Products CreateCosts Can Create User Costs public    
Products DeleteCosts Can Delete Item Costs public    
Products DeleteItemMasters Can Delete Item Masters public    
Products EnterActualCosts Can Enter Free Form Actual Costs public    
Products MaintainBOMs Can Add/Edit/Delete Bills of Materials public    
Products MaintainClassCodes Can Add/Edit/Delete Class Codes public    
Products MaintainFreightClasses Can Add/Edit/Delete Freight Classes public    
Products MaintainItemAliases Can Add/Edit/Delete Item Aliases public    
Products MaintainItemGroups Can Add/Edit/Delete Item Groups public    
Products MaintainItemMasters Can Add/Edit/Delete Item Masters public    
Products MaintainItemOptions Can Add/Edit/Delete Item Options public    
Products MaintainItemSubstitutes Can Add/Edit/Delete Item Substitutes public    
Products MaintainLotSerialSequences Can modify LotSerial Sequences public    
Products MaintainProductCategories Add/Edit/Delete Product Categories public    
Products MaintainRevisions Allows users to create revisions and change status. public    
Products MaintainUOMs Can Add/Edit/Delete Unit of Measures public    
Products MaintainUserCostingElements Can Add/Edit/Delete User Costing Elements public    
Products PostActualCosts Can Post Actual Costs to Standard Costs public    
Products PostStandardCosts Can Post Product Standard Costs public    
Products UpdateActualCosts Can Update Actual Costs via P/O or P/D public    
Products UseInactiveRevisions Allows users to create orders using inactive revisions. public    
Products ViewBOMs Can View Bills of Materials public    
Products ViewClassCodes Can View Class Codes public    
Products ViewCosts Can View Actual and Standard Costs public    
Products ViewFreightClasses Can View Freight Classes public    
Products ViewInactiveRevisions Allows users to view and print inactive revisions. public    
Products ViewItemMasters Can View Item Masters public    
Products ViewItemOptions Can View Item Options public    
Products ViewLotSerialSequences Can view LotSerial Sequences public    
Products ViewProductCategories Can View Product Categories public    
Products ViewUOMs Can View Unit of Measures public    
Purchase AssignItemsToPlannerCode Can Assign Items to a Planner Code public    
Purchase ChangePurchaseOrderQty Can Change Purchase Order Item Quantities public    
Purchase MaintainItemSources Can Add/Edit/Delete P/O Item Sources public    
Purchase MaintainPlannerCodes Can Add/Edit/Delete Planner Codes public    
Purchase MaintainPostedPurchaseOrders Can Edit Purchase Orders which have already been Posted public    
Purchase MaintainPurchaseOrders Can Add/Edit/Delete Purchase Orders public    
Purchase MaintainPurchaseRequests Can Add/Edit/Delete Purchase Requests public    
Purchase MaintainRejectCodes Can Add/Edit/Delete Reject Codes public    
Purchase MaintainUninvoicedReceipts Can Mark as invoiced and Correct Receiving on uninvoiced receipts public    
Purchase MaintainVendorAddresses Can Add/Edit/Delete Vendor Addresses public    
Purchase MaintainVendors Can Add/Edit/Delete Vendors public    
Purchase MaintainVendorTypes Can Add/Edit/Delete Vendor Types public    
Purchase PrintPurchaseOrders Can Print Purchase Orders public    
Purchase ReleasePurchaseOrders Can Release Purchase Orders public    
Purchase ReschedulePurchaseOrders Can Reschedule Purchase Orders public    
Purchase ViewBuyCard Can View Buy Cards public    
Purchase ViewCashRequirements Can View Cash Requirements public    
Purchase ViewItemSources Can View P/O Item Sources public    
Purchase ViewPlannerCodes Can View Planner Codes public    
Purchase ViewPurchaseOrders Can View Orders public    
Purchase ViewPurchaseRequests Can View Purchase Requests public    
Purchase ViewReceiptsReturns View Receipts and Returns public    
Purchase ViewRejectCodes Can View Reject Codes public    
Purchase ViewUninvoicedReceipts User is allowed to View Uninvoiced Receivings. public    
Purchase ViewVendorAddresses Can View Vendor Addresses public    
Purchase ViewVendorPerformance Can View Vendor Performance public    
Purchase ViewVendors Can View Vendors public    
Purchase ViewVendorTypes Can View Vendor Types public    
Sales AllowSelectOrderEditing Users are allowed to edit some additional information on the Select Order for Billing screen. public    
Sales AlterPackDate Can Alter a Sales Order Pack Date public    
Sales ArchiveSalesHistory Can Archive Sales History public    
Sales AssignPricingSchedules Can Assign Pricing Schedules public    
Sales ConvertQuotes Can Convert Quotes to Sales Orders public    
Sales CreateSales Can Create Sales public    
Sales CreateSOForHoldCustomer Can Create an Sales Order for a Customer on Credit Hold public    
Sales CreateSOForWarnCustomer Can Create an Sales Order for a Customer on Credit Warning public    
Sales EditSalesHistory Can Edit Posted Sales History public    
Sales FirmSalesOrder Can Firm a Sales Order line item to prevent editing public    
Sales MaintainCreditMemos Can Add/Edit/Delete Unposted Credit Memos public    
Sales MaintainCustomerGroups Can Add/Edit/Delete/Modify Customer Groups public    
Sales MaintainCustomerMasters Can Add/Edit/Delete Customer Masters public    
Sales MaintainCustomerMastersCustomerType Users are allowed to edit the Customer Type for a customer. public    
Sales MaintainCustomerMastersCustomerTypeOnCreate Users are allowed to edit the Customer Type for a customer when creating a new customer. public    
Sales MaintainCustomerTypes Can Add/Edit/Delete Customer Types public    
Sales MaintainListPrices Can Modify List Prices public    
Sales MaintainPricingSchedules Can Add/Edit/Delete Pricing Schedules public    
Sales MaintainProspectMasters Can Add/Edit/Delete Prospect information. public    
Sales MaintainQuotes Can Add/Edit/Delete Quotes public    
Sales MaintainReservations Can modify S/O Reservation quantities. public    
Sales MaintainReturns Allows users to create Return Authorizations. public    
Sales MaintainSalesAccount Can Add/Edit/Delete Sales Account Assignments public    
Sales MaintainSalesOrders Can Add/Edit/Delete Sales Orders public    
Sales MaintainSalesReps Can Add/Edit/Delete Sales Reps. public    
Sales MaintainShippingForms Can Add/Edit/Delete Shipping Forms public    
Sales MaintainShippingZones Can Add/Edit/Delete Shipping Zones public    
Sales MaintainShiptos Can Add/Edit/Delete Ship-Tos public    
Sales MaintainShipVias Can Add/Edit/Delete Ship Via's public    
Sales MaintainTaxCodes Can Add/Edit/Delete Tax Codes public    
Sales OverridePrice Can Override Item Sales Prices public    
Sales OverrideSODate Can Override S/O Enter Dates public    
Sales PrintCreditMemos Print Credit Memos public    
Sales PrintPackingLists   public    
Sales PrintQuotes Can Print Quotes public    
Sales PurgeCreditMemos Purge Credit Memos public    
Sales PurgeInvoices Purge Invoices public    
Sales RestoreSalesHistory Can Restore Sales History public    
Sales SelectBilling Can Select an Order for Billing public    
Sales ShowMarginsOnSalesOrder Users will see the margins on the Sales Order and Quote Screens for that older. public    
Sales UpdateCustomerCreditStatus Can Update a Customer's Credit Status public    
Sales UpdatePricingSchedules Can Update Pricing Schedules public    
Sales ViewCommissions Can View Earned Commissions public    
Sales ViewCreditMemos Can View Unposted Credit Memos public    
Sales ViewCustomerGroups Can View Customer Groups public    
Sales ViewCustomerMasters Can View Customer Masters public    
Sales ViewCustomerPrices Can View Customer Type Prices public    
Sales ViewCustomerTypes Can View Customer Types public    
Sales ViewListPrices Can View List Prices public    
Sales ViewPricingSchedules Can View Pricing Schedules public    
Sales ViewProspectMasters Can View Prospect information. public    
Sales ViewQuotes Can View Quotes public    
Sales ViewReturns Allows users to view and print Return Authorizations. public    
Sales ViewSalesAccount Can View Sales Account Assignments public    
Sales ViewSalesHistory   public    
Sales ViewSalesOrders Can View Sales Orders public    
Sales ViewSalesReps Can View Sales Reps. public    
Sales ViewShippingZones Can View Shipping Zones public    
Sales ViewShiptos Can View Ship-Tos public    
Sales ViewShipVias Can View Ship Via's public    
Sales ViewTaxCodes Can View Tax Codes public    
Sales ViewTerms Can View Terms public    
Schedule CreatePlannedOrders Can Create Planned Orders public    
Schedule DeletePlannedOrders Can Delete Planned Orders public    
Schedule FirmPlannedOrders Can Firm Planned Orders public    
Schedule ReleasePlannedOrders Can Release Planned Orders public    
Schedule SoftenPlannedOrders Can Un-Firm Planned Orders public    
Schedule ViewPlannedOrders Can View Planned Orders public    
System ConfigDatabaseInfo Can Configure the Database Information public    
System ConfigureAP Can Configure the A/P Module public    
System ConfigureAR Can Configure the A/R Module public    
System ConfigureCC User is allowed to alter the Credit Card Configuration. public    
System ConfigureCRM Can change the CRM configuration module options. public    
System ConfigureEncryption Allowed to view and change the Encryption Key File public    
System ConfigureGL Can Configure the G/L Module public    
System ConfigureIM Configure I/M Module Parameters public    
System ConfigureImportExport Can Change or Create Settings For Importing and Exporting Data public    
System ConfigureMS Can Configure the M/S Module public    
System ConfigurePD Configure P/D Module Parameters public    
System ConfigurePM Users will be able to view and edit the configuration options for the P/M Module. public    
System ConfigurePO Configure P/O Module Parameters public    
System ConfigureSO Configure S/O Module Parameters public    
System ConfigureSR Configure S/R Module Parameters public    
System ConfigureWO Configure S/O Module Parameters public    
System DeleteOtherEvents Can Delete Other Users' Events public    
System DeleteOwnEvents Can Delete Own Events public    
System DispatchOtherEvents Can Dispatch Other User's Events public    
System DispatchOwnEvents Can Dispatch Own Events public    
System EditOthersComments User is allowed to edit iany comments entered that are of an editable comment type. public    
System EditOwnComments User is allowed to edit comments they have entered that are of an editable comment type. public    
System ExecuteMetaSQL User is allowed to execute MetaSQL statements with the MetaSQL editor that change the database. public    
System ExportXML Can Export XML Files public    
System fixACL Can fix Access Control List problems at the database level. public    
System FixSerial Can fix problems with serial values used to assign primary keys. public    
System ImportXML Can Import Data From XML Sources public    
System MaintainBankAccounts Can Add/Edit/Delete Bank Accounts public    
System MaintainCalendars Can Add/Edit/Delete Calendars public    
System MaintainCommentTypes Can Add/Edit/Delete Comment Types public    
System MaintainCountries Can Add/Edit/Delete Country information. public    
System MaintainCustomCommands User can Create/Edit/View Custom commands public    
System MaintainDepartments Can create and modify Department definitions. public    
System MaintainEmployeeGroups Can Change or Create Employee Groups. public    
System MaintainEmployees Can Change or Create Employee records. public    
System MaintainForms Can Add/Edit/Delete Forms public    
System MaintainGroups Can Change or Create Settings For Groups public    
System MaintainImages Can Add/Edit/Delete Images public    
System MaintainLocales Can Add/Edit/Delete Locales public    
System MaintainMetaSQL User is allowed to edit MetaSQL statements with the MetaSQL editor. public    
System MaintainPreferencesOthers Can Maintain the preferences of other users. public    
System MaintainPreferencesSelf Can Maintain the preferences for their own user only. public    
System MaintainReports Can Add/Edit/Delete Reports public    
System MaintainScreens Can Change or Create UI Forms that are executed by custom windows when they are opened. public    
System MaintainScripts Can Change or Create Scripts that are executed by windows when they are opened. public    
System MaintainStates User is allowed to edit the list of States and Provinces public    
System MaintainUsers Can Add/Edit/List Users public    
System ViewDepartments Can view Department definitions. public    
System ViewEmployeeGroups Can view Employee Group records. public    
System ViewEmployees Can view Employee records. public    
System ViewMetaSQL User is allowed to view MetaSQL statements with the MetaSQL editor. public    
System ViewOtherEvents Can View Other User's Events public    
System ViewPackages Can View installed Packages. public    
System ViewShifts Can view Shift definitions. public