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Configuring Sales — Part 2

More details related to configuring the sales module. Learn about default sales order settings, credit control, and pricing controls.

Managing Opportunities

How to manage opportunities. Explore managing your pipeline, leads, and marketing. Converting quotes to sales orders will also be covered.

Sales Master Information — Part 1

Get started defining sales module master information. Learn about customer types, characteristic profiles, sale types, shipping zones, and shipping charge types.

Sales Master Information — Part 2

Continue to define the sales module master information. Learn about ship vias, terms codes, tax zones, and other tax-related topics.

Setting up Customers — Part 1

How to begin creating customer records. Learn about the customer workbench, attaching contacts, billing addresses, ship-to addresses, and terms.

Configuring Sales — Part 3

How to configure sales price effectivity and more. Learn about pricing on line item edits, price effectivity dates, return authorization defaults, and customer defaults.

Sales Forms

How to set up sales forms used during the sales cycle. Learn about sales order acknowledgements, shipping forms, and customer form assignments.

Setting up Customers — Part 2

Dives deeper into customer records information. You will learn about billing terms, taxes, billing rates, discount percentages, credit warnings, and credit holds.

Setting up Sales Reps

How to set up sales representatives. Learn how to assign sales reps to customers, how to define commissions, and how to run commission reports.

User Preferences - Part 1

Learn about user roles, “free-floating” vs. “inside the desktop” windows, alternating row colors, ignoring translation errors, spell check, idle timeouts, preferred sites, text editing options, default ellipses actions, and menu preferences.