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Entering Orders using Customer Favorites

This video demonstrates the customer "Favorites" function available during sales order entry. The "Favorites" function utilizes the customer's purchasing history to quickly build orders. Topics covered include adding favorites, sorting items, and setting quantities.

Order to Cash Flow — Part 1

This video introduces the order-to-cash-flow process: here we will learn how to create a new quote from the customer window and convert that quote into a sales order. This is the first step in setting up and understanding the order-to-cash-flow process.

Order to Cash Flow — Part 2

The material requirements planning (MRP) stage is the next step in the order-to-cash-flow process. Video covers running MRP manually, releasing planned orders, converting purchase requests into purchase orders, and then receiving orders into inventory.

Order to Cash Flow — Part 3

This section of the order-to-cash-flow video series covers the accounts payable process. We will learn about transitioning from purchasing to accounting, processing vouchers, preparing, generating, and posting payment runs, all from the accounts payable workbench.

Order to Cash Flow — Part 5

This step of the order-to-cash-flow process covers issuing sales orders to shipping and creating cash receipts. In this video we will learn how to edit shipping quantities, generate invoices, and make and post cash receipts.

Order to Cash Flow — Part 6

This video shows us the financial results of the order-to-cash-flow process. We will cover how to use the general ledger to track our progress through the order-to-cash flow steps. We will also look at several other key reports tied to inventory and sales history.

Order to Cash Flow — Part 7

In this final video of the order-to-cash-flow series, we will cover the entire order-to-cash-flow process from beginning to end.

Using Bar Codes at Shipping

Using bar codes can dramatically improve the efficiency of your shipping operation. In this video, you will be learning how bar codes can be used when printing picking slips, issuing to shipping, and shipping with the packing list.

Getting to Know the Sales Order Header

Learn about the sales order header and the various sales order fields. This video covers setting up the different fields, saving and printing sales orders, and emailing them to customers.

Configuring Sales — Part 1

Explore beginning basics for configuring the sales module. Learn about numbering sequences for sales orders, quotes, return authorizations, invoices, and simple returns. You will also learn how to print sales orders by default and enable sales reservations.