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Installing and Running TimeTrex

Learn how to install and configure the TimeTrex payroll integration with xTuple. This video shows you how to install the TimeTrex package, set up payroll privileges, and create the necessary server, user, and foreign table mappings.

TimeTrex Payroll Integration

Get started learning more about xTuple's payroll integration with TimeTrex. Video covers the process of importing payroll ledger data from TimeTrex into xTuple, as well as how to do payroll runs and ledger reports.

Financial Reporting Engine — Part 1

Learn how to generate financial reports using xTuple’s financial reporting engine (FRE). Video explores the basic component parts of the report tool—from the underlying report definitions to column layouts, accounting periods, printing, and emailing reports.

Financial Reporting Engine — Part 2

This video will teach you how to build your own financial reports by copying the system-defined reports. Look inside the template of a financial report to see how the underlying options enable easy customization.

Financial Reporting Engine — Part 3

Become more familiar with creating and modifying income statements. In this video, you will learn how to modify rows and groups, as well as how to calculate gross revenues.

Financial Reporting Engine — Part 4

Drill down more into the details of customizing financial reports. Video shows you how to assign ledger accounts to groups and how to work with sub-types and group percentages. Adding and subtracting from group totals is also covered.

Financial Reporting Engine — Part 5

Learn how to manipulate balance sheets with the financial reporting engine. This video covers how to incorporate income information, group account types, and change column layouts.

Financial Reporting Engine — Part 6

Continued exploration of the balance sheet, with tips and tricks for totaling, year-to-date net income, and how to use account filters for revenue and expense accounts. Also covers creating a summarized balance sheet, and generating profit and loss data for retail income.

Creating Miscellaneous Vouchers

Explore the details of miscellaneous vouchers. Learn about invoice dates, distribution dates, miscellaneous distributions, and alternate account distribution.

Creating Regular Vouchers

Explore how to create regular vouchers related to purchase orders. Learn about line items, handling charges, editing amounts to distribute, split receipts, and distributing vouchers to purchase orders.