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Pattern Matching: Part 1

Get introduced to the power of pattern matching. Learn how regular expressions can help you find the data you’re looking for.

Creating Search Filters

Learn how to create and use search filters to easily and precisely locate the information you’re looking for. Discover how to add parameters, adjust filter options, date ranges, and more.

Customizing the Desktop — Part 1

Learn how to place and arrange windows on the desktop. Video includes information on customizing individual desktops, refreshing, filtering, and getting different views of data, changing parameters, and changing the placement of windows.

Customizing the Desktop — Part 2

Learn how to customize the display of toolbar buttons. Video includes descriptions of the xTuple toolbar buttons, information about showing or hiding toolbars and controlling and rearranging toolbars.

Pattern Matching: Part 2

Learn about sequences and excluding characters with pattern matching. This video covers typing and searching with literal strings, how to exclude terms, and how to search using the simplest expressions.

Pattern Matching: Part 3

Learn how to restrict results using metacharacters for pattern matching. This video covers sophisticated expressions, narrowing searches to find characters only at the beginning, middle, or end of a search string, and placeholder characters.

Pattern Matching: Part 4

Learn how to specify ranges of valid characters when pattern matching. This video covers restricting characters, valid matches, valid characters, acceptable alternates, and excluding alternates.

Resizing Windows and Auto Complete

How to resize windows and effectively use the auto-complete function. Learn how to change the size and position of windows, how to rearrange and resize columns, and how to use auto-complete to quickly locate items.

Saving Search Filters

Learn how to set up filters for repeated use. This video teaches you how to save filters for future use, make filters public or private, and how to quickly switch between filters.

Setting up Hot Keys

How to set up hot keys for quick keyboard shortcuts. Learn how to assign daily tasks to hot keys to simplify opening the screens you regularly go to.