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Purchasing xTuple: Pricing Options

Yes, we publish our pricing! Explore xTuple's pricing and purchasing options. This video will cover how xTuple software is priced, the various editions, licensing, and costs, as well as the many other features xTuple has to offer.

xTuple Manufacturing Overview

Learn more about the manufacturing environments and key tools supported by xTuple ERP. In this video, we will review manufacturing features, with a look at key screens used during the manufacturing and work order process.

xTuple Distribution Overview

Watch this video to get a brief overview of the features which make up the xTuple Distribution Edition. Presentation includes descriptions of both core xTuple functionality and also distibution-specific features available to distributors.

Using Desktop Shortcuts

Learn how to set-up and customize shortcuts in the xTuple 4.9 series. This quick video will introduce you to the shortcuts feature, how to change shortcuts, and how to add new shortcuts.