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Using the Quick Item Builder

Learn how to use the quick item builder function, including information about how the quick item builder makes items out of other items, as well as the components that make up the quick item builder.

Using Bar Codes at Shipping

Using bar codes can dramatically improve the efficiency of your shipping operation. In this video, you will be learning how bar codes can be used when printing picking slips, issuing to shipping, and shipping with the packing list.

Using Bar Codes for Work Orders

Watch this video to learn how you can use bar codes to simplify your work order processing. Learn how to add bar codes to pick lists, scan in work order numbers, print travelers using bar codes, perform issue transactions, and more.

Introduction to Outside Processing

Learn about item sources, sites, and how to set them up to automatically create outside process purchase orders. We will also cover backflushing, releasing work order schedules, and creating vouchers for outside processing.

Quality Disposition

Learn about quality disposition and the different types of failure disposition. Video also covers quarantine disposition and relocated inventory, scrap workflow, rework operation, nettable and non-nettable items, and the activity list.

Quality Plans

Explore quality testing and planning. This video looks into quality test specifications, test types and equipment, the importance of the quality plan, the parts of the quality plan, adding test specifications, and item assignment.

Quality Setup

Examine the configuration and setup of the quality control module. We will go over the steps of quality setup, master data, number policy, quality plan emails, quality reason codes, the aspects of setup, operation types, and standard operation.

Quality Tests

Learn about quality tests and how they are generated. This video covers trigger points, action items, the xTuple workflow system, generated items, and the quality test list.

Quality Workflow

Examine how the quality workflow process works in xTuple. This video will cover testing items, releasing items and tests, the scrap process, item disposition and the successor workflow step, successor options, and failed workflow tests.

Configuring Inventory — Part 2

Discover more about the inventory module configuration. Explore default settings for shipping and receiving.