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Bills of Materials — Part 2

Learn about expiration and effectivity dates, creating child work orders at parent work order explosion, aggregating demand, fixed quantity items, scrap percentage, issue methods, engineering change notices (ECN #), execution day calculations, and item substitutions.

Copying Items

Detailed explanation of how to copy items. Explore creating target item numbers, copying BOMs and routings; item sites, item sources, and pricing considerations.

Revision Control

How to enable revision control on bills of materials (BOMs). Learn about several other topics including enabling revision, activating, deactivating, and pending revisions, and how to create a work order from an inactive revision.

Configuring Products

How to configure the products module. Topics covered include item transformations, revision control, BOM and routing defaults, and machine and general overhead configuration.

Item Master Basics

Covers the basic fields on the item master. Learn about item types, pick list items, fractional items, configured items, item weights, product categories, list prices, wholesale prices, pricing units of measure (UOM), and warranty information.

Item Master Tabs

Explore the tabs on the item master. Learn about item characteristics, remarks, extended descriptions, expense categories related to time sheets, conversion ratios, items sources, tax types, item aliases, and attaching documents.

Product Master Information

How to perform basic setup required for the products module. Explore class codes, units of measure (UOM), freight classes, product categories, and UOM conversion ratios.

User Preferences - Part 1

Learn about user roles, “free-floating” vs. “inside the desktop” windows, alternating row colors, ignoring translation errors, spell check, idle timeouts, preferred sites, text editing options, default ellipses actions, and menu preferences.

User Preferences — Part 2

Learn how to configure user preferences to create shortcuts and reminders. Video also discusses hot keys, events, alarms, password maintenance, and script debugging.

User Preferences - Part 3

Explore more details related to user and employee preferences. Learn how to create employees, maintain roles, and rescan privileges.