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Creating Vendors

How to create vendors. Explore vendor types, contact information, terms, preferred currency, and FOB details.

Item Sources

Detailed review of how item sources work. Learn about vendor units of measure, conversion ratios, and price breaks.

Purchasing Contracts

Explore details related to purchasing contracts. Learn about item counts, effectivity dates, contract quantities, and linking item sources to contracts.

User Preferences - Part 1

Learn about user roles, “free-floating” vs. “inside the desktop” windows, alternating row colors, ignoring translation errors, spell check, idle timeouts, preferred sites, text editing options, default ellipses actions, and menu preferences.

User Preferences — Part 2

Learn how to configure user preferences to create shortcuts and reminders. Video also discusses hot keys, events, alarms, password maintenance, and script debugging.

User Preferences - Part 3

Explore more details related to user and employee preferences. Learn how to create employees, maintain roles, and rescan privileges.