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Purchasing xTuple: Pricing Options

Yes, we publish our pricing! Explore xTuple's pricing and purchasing options. This video will cover how xTuple software is priced, the various editions, licensing, and costs, as well as the many other features xTuple has to offer.

xTuple Manufacturing Overview

Learn more about the manufacturing environments and key tools supported by xTuple ERP. In this video, we will review manufacturing features, with a look at key screens used during the manufacturing and work order process.

xTuple Distribution Overview

Watch this video to get a brief overview of the features which make up the xTuple Distribution Edition. Presentation includes descriptions of both core xTuple functionality and also distibution-specific features available to distributors.

Importing SPA Sample Files

This video illustrates the process for importing Special Pricing Agreement (SPA) files into xTuple ERP. You’ll see the basics for properly using and applying sample SPA data. We will also show how the sample data can be applied to contracts, reports, and sales orders.

Installing the SPA Package

This video shows you how to install the Special Pricing Agreement (SPA) package for xTuple ERP. The video focuses especially on how to locate the package, how to run the update manager, and how to apply user privileges.

Entering Orders using Customer Favorites

This video demonstrates the customer "Favorites" function available during sales order entry. The "Favorites" function utilizes the customer's purchasing history to quickly build orders. Topics covered include adding favorites, sorting items, and setting quantities.

External Vendor Catalog: Converting Items

Learn how to create items for your inventory, by converting items from the external vendor catalog. Video describes the various ways conversions can be done and also how to effectively search for items.

Order to Cash Flow — Part 1

This video introduces the order-to-cash-flow process: here we will learn how to create a new quote from the customer window and convert that quote into a sales order. This is the first step in setting up and understanding the order-to-cash-flow process.

Order to Cash Flow — Part 2

The material requirements planning (MRP) stage is the next step in the order-to-cash-flow process. Video covers running MRP manually, releasing planned orders, converting purchase requests into purchase orders, and then receiving orders into inventory.

Order to Cash Flow — Part 3

This section of the order-to-cash-flow video series covers the accounts payable process. We will learn about transitioning from purchasing to accounting, processing vouchers, preparing, generating, and posting payment runs, all from the accounts payable workbench.