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Exporting Contents

Learn how to export the contents of on-screen lists into a spreadsheet. Video discusses the supported export formats (i.e., .csv, .vcf, .txt. .odt, and .html), the advantages of exporting into spreadsheets, and how to disable the export contents feature.

Pattern Matching: Part 1

Get introduced to the power of pattern matching. Learn how regular expressions can help you find the data you’re looking for.

Pattern Matching: Part 2

Learn about sequences and excluding characters with pattern matching. This video covers typing and searching with literal strings, how to exclude terms, and how to search using the simplest expressions.

Pattern Matching: Part 3

Learn how to restrict results using metacharacters for pattern matching. This video covers sophisticated expressions, narrowing searches to find characters only at the beginning, middle, or end of a search string, and placeholder characters.

Pattern Matching: Part 4

Learn how to specify ranges of valid characters when pattern matching. This video covers restricting characters, valid matches, valid characters, acceptable alternates, and excluding alternates.

Anatomy of a Bug Fix — Part 1

Get started learning how to fix bugs in the xTuple Mobile Web client. Topics covered include the vagrant development environment, SSH server access, Node.js package manager (npm), JavaScript console, and becoming familiar with the xTuple repository on GitHub.

Anatomy of a Bug Fix — Part 2

Learn about the complete bug fix cycle for the xTuple Mobile Web client. Video covers everything from assigning to resolving bugs, testing fixes, and working with GitHub to create and commit fixes.

Anatomy of a Bug Fix — Part 3

Become familiar with xTuple’s test-driven design (TDD) approach. Learn various ways to practice TDD when fixing xTuple Mobile Web client bugs.