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3 Powerful Ways to Link Using the Document Tab

In this video, we will learn about the different ways we can use the Documents tab. This video covers using the Documents tab to attach files, websites, and linking within the application. These functions are explained in-depth in the video, along with a step-by-step process on how to perform each one within the xTuple Desktop.

Introduction to xTuple Business Management Software

Finding yourself overwhelmed with spreadsheets, or stuck with disjointed systems to manage sales, contacts, inventory, accounting, and other valuable data? Imagine the time and money you’d save if all your manufacturing and distribution processes were integrated into a single, consolidated business system. With xTuple, you can do just that.

Part 1 — Introduction to xTuple Business Management Software: Turn Leads into Sales & Grow Profits

Many manufacturing and distribution companies today have sales representatives who are also customer relationship managers. Their current system usually divides CRM and ERP applications. No one wants to spend more time researching a customer and less time growing a profit.

Part 2 — Introduction to xTuple Business Management Software: Increase Workforce Productivity

In manufacturing and distribution industries, the systems for different areas in the company usually use separate databases. This creates wasted time going from one application to the next and can force you to double-enter information, or miss something important altogether.

Part 3 — Introduction to xTuple Business Management Software: Increase Production Efficiency

So often you hear from manufacturing managers that it’s hard to schedule production in a timely manner with disconnected input from the sales team. And sales needs a way to generate fast, accurate quotes with realistic lead times and delivery dates.

Part 4 — Introduction to xTuple Business Management Software: Reduce Operational Costs

If your operational processes aren’t automated, employees are having to manually report their production information, increasing the opportunity for human error and misinformation. Because you need to reduce errors and capture accurate information...

Part 5 — Introduction to xTuple Business Management Software: Reduce Inventory

In the past when you managed your inventory, you probably overstocked to make sure you could meet production needs, or you were forced to expedite products at a higher cost because you were understocked. With so many processes happening at once, it can be hard to manage your inventory.

Introduction to xTuple Dashboards

Learn how to monitor and track key performance indicators (KPIs) using customizable dashboards in xTuple ERP. This video shows how you can quickly and easily set up and customize your own personal dashboards.

Lot/Serial Tracking Overview

This video provides a detailed overview of how to manage lot-controlled and/or serialized inventory in xTuple ERP. The principles discussed here apply to any industry where lot tracking and serialization are used.

Free Demo Basics

Get started with xTuple by learning how to set up the xTuple free demo. This video will teach you all you need to know about signing up, and what information is needed to log into the demo database.