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How to Integrate eCommerce and Marketing for a Competitive Advantage


As Web technology advances are made, customer expectations of their Web experience continues to grow, too. In the past, customers were satisfied with a simple online shopping experience that included a quick search, comparison of prices, and ability to use a shopping cart without knowing whether their purchase was in stock or not.

Today, your customer's digital shopping experience incorporates more branding and marketing initiatives that help tell your organization's “story.” Customers expect their shopping experience to offer multiple content types such as images, video, audio, and text as well as synchronization to carry them through the purchasing process, seamlessly. By utilizing a unified, integrated system and methodology between marketing and eCommerce, you can deliver the digital experience that your customers expect.

During this webinar, we analyze the future of the eCommerce experience, show ways in which brands can create a unified experience through their customer life cycles, and give examples of how these types of experiences are implemented.

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