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Why am I no longer able to print from xTuple?

If you have recently upgraded your xTuple version and you find you can no longer print reports from xTuple (but you could before you upgraded), you may need to reinstall your print drivers. Another thing to check is your user profile. Try creating a new user profile and test whether you can print from that new user profile.

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How far back does xTuple support old versions?

The older versions supported by xTuple will vary depending on the current shipping release of the product. To learn more, please visit xTuple's Supported Versions (and End of Life policy) page.

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Can I create a user on the xTupleCommerce website that is associated with an existing Customer in my xTuple ERP?

Absolutely. First, you’ll need to know the user's email address and first and last name from the ERP. Then, log in to your xTupleCommerce website and go to People > Add User in the admin bar. From there, enter their email address, create a password for them—they can and are encouraged to change that. Optionally, you can specify that they receive an email notifying them of their user account.

On the add user screen, it is very important to make sure that the "Create xTuple Association" checkbox is selected. This ensures that the information flows between this user and the user in the xTuple ERP database.

Next, start typing their name in the choose an existing contact field.  Once you start to type their first name, contact options should begin to appear after a short delay. Select the user from the list of options.

The rest of the fields should auto-populate based on the contact information stored in the ERP. To save, click CREATE NEW CONTACT at the bottom.

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My product item is not showing up on the xTupleCommerce website. What could be wrong?

If an item is not showing up on the xTupleCommerce website it is most likely not selected in the ERP database to show up on the website. You can check by going to the product item, selecting the attributes and making sure the checkbox is selected to be published on the web. 

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How do I export data from xTuple?

The quick answer is you can right click and use the Export As option to export data from any list in xTuple ERP. The more advanced option is to use the xTuple API.

To learn more, please see the article about using the API to export from xTuple ERP.

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My company has an xTuple support contract. How do I contact xTuple support?

If your company has a support contract with xTuple, you can reach the xTuple support team either by phone or by opening a support ticket using the online ticketing system. Each support contract with xTuple specifies two "named support contacts." The named support contacts are the people at your company who are eligible to contact the xTuple support team for help. If you are not a named support contact but still need help, you should address your questions to the named support contacts at your company. Your named support contacts will either know the answers to your questions—or they will be able to contact the xTuple support team to help get you the assistance you need.

Note: Ticket-only support is included for xTuple Cloud customers and also customers who have purchased Commercial PostBooks®. Ticket-only support allows for one named support contact per company and does not include phone support.

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How do I purchase support for xTuple?

Commercial support is available for xTuple products. Please see the support options page for more detailed information.

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How do I retrieve API keys from within Authorize.net?

    Neither the xTupleCommerce system nor the ERP stores plain text credit card information in the database. Both systems integrate with Authorize.net via the Authorize.net API. To retrieve API keys from Authorize.net, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Authorize.net 
    2. Log into your account as an admin
    3. Click ACCOUNT in the main menu
    4. In the Security Settings area click on API LOGIN ID and TRANSACTION KEY
    5. Enter the answer to your account’s Secret Question
    6. Click SUBMIT
    7. Capture the keys
    8. Deliver the keys to xTuple - follow the instructions for Sharing API Keys from the bottom of this article

    Note: Every time you create an API key the old key expires within 24 hours. Your keys may be used in various locations (website, ERP, etc). Please save the keys in a secure location (LastPass.com, 1Password, etc) so you don’t have to recreate keys in the future.

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    What size should my product related images be for them to fit correctly on my xTupleCommerce website?

    To ensure that your product-related images appear properly on the xTupleCommerce website, we suggest using the following sizes:

    • Standard item group image - 180px wide x 90px tall
    • Product category images - 180px wide x 180px tall
    • Product images - at least 330px wide x 330px tall. xTupleCommerce will shrink images and crop to 330x330. Your image can be bigger so it’ll open in the lightbox full size.
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    How is the xTupleCommerce product catalog structured in the xTuple ERP database?

    The product catalog is a collection of categories which items may be grouped into. Think of it as being like the physical catalog department stores might use. The following terms are used:

    • Parent group: The parent group is typically a very generalized group of items. For example, if you had a shoe store, the parent groups might be men’s shoes, women’s shoes, kids’ shoes, etc.
    • Item groups: Item groups are more specific groups within the parent group. If the parent group is women’s shoes, the item groups may consist of sandals, sneakers, pumps, boots, etc.
    • Member items: Member items are the individual items within the item group. If we selected the sneakers item group, the member item would be the exact red sneaker that a customer may add to their cart for purchase. 
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    Can an item belong to multiple groups in the product catalog?

    Yes, items may belong to multiple groups within the product catalog. There are two ways you can add an item to groups.

    If you’re working at the item group level, go to Products > Item > Groups, select the item group and EDIT. From there, you can add items. Even if the item is in another group, it can still be added to other groups.

    If you’re working at the item level, go to the item’s attributes tab and attach groups from there.

    Note-The item group will need to be created before you can add an item to the item group.

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    How do I change my xTupleCommerce password?

    If you’ve forgotten your password, you can click the tab to request a new password on the login page.

    If you know your password but want to change it, you can login to the xTupleCommerce website, go to people on the admin bar, find your username, and select EDIT on the far right. From there, you can change and save your password.

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    What is XTN?

    XTN (xTuple Network) is a commercial business continuity service, featuring off-site backup and xTuple ERP version upgrades. Please follow this link to learn more about xTuple's XTN service.

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    How do I update an item image for xTupleCommerce?

    To update an item image, go to the item master in the xTuple ERP database. Once there, navigate to the documents tab and DETACH the old image you no longer wish to use. Then, this is very important, SAVE. This will close the item window. Next, reopen the item window and ATTACH the new image. That should do it.  

    Note: If you do not save the item after detaching, the xTupleCommerce site will not recognize that there was a change and, therefore, the image will not show up properly.

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    Can I sort the order of images for xTupleCommerce?

    At this time, there is no easy way to make images show up in a particular order. However, you can try detaching and then re-attaching image records on an item's document tab in the ERP. Doing so will assign a new system identifier to the records. Item records having the oldest (i.e., lowest) system identifier will be displayed first.

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    What API keys and fields are required to use FedEx with xTupleCommerce?

    If you want to include FedEx in the list of shipping options for your xTupleCommerce customers, you'll need to acquire API keys from FedEx, for both your production and development environments. Once you have the information and have added the keys to the ERP, the keys will need to be added to the xTupleCommerce website.

    Here is an outline of the fields you need for both the production and development keys: 

    Production Keys

    • Account Username
    • Account Password
    • Authentication Key
    • Meter Number
    • Account Number
    • Production API Password
    • Production URL

    Development Keys

    • Account Username
    • Account Password
    • Test Key
    • Test Key Password
    • Test Account Number
    • Test Meter Number
    • Test URL
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    Can I manage my item images in the xTupleCommerce website?

    Your xTupleCommerce site has the capability of hosting images, PDFs, documents and other media. Once your site is live you can associate these files with Items and Item Groups in the ERP. For instance, you can associate product images with Items in the ERP. Or you can associate Marketing PDFs with Items in the ERP. These images and PDFs will be displayed with the products on the xTupleCommerce site.

    If your site is still in the development or testing phases (aka, you are still going to a stage.domain.xtuple.net URL to view your site), we encourage you to use a service such as Cloudinary to host your images and determine URLs.

    However, if your xTupleCommerce website has gone live, you can begin using the site to host files and create the URLs needed for the document in the ERP. 

    Uploading the files to your xTupleCommerce site :

    1. Go to your xTupleCommerce website and login as a manager or editor. 
    2. Navigate Admin > Content > Files.
    3. Click ADD FILE
    4. Select and upload the image. Typically files must be less than 8MB. 
    5. Click NEXT
    6. Leave the radio button selected for public local files and click NEXT.
    7. Update and fill in the fields for name and file name. The name will show up in the URL path of the image. 
    8. Click SAVE. 
    9. Highlight the path of the image-most recently added files are on the top of the list-and copy.

    Associate files with Items or Item Groups in the ERP

    1. Login to your ERP.
    2. Open an Item or Item Group
    3. Go to the documents tab
    4. Click Attach
    5. Choose Web Site from the drop down
    6. Give the file a name in the Name field
    7. Paste the URL into the URL Field
    8. The URL should include your website domain followed by the path that you copied.  
      Example: https://www.yourwebsite.com/files/public/content/media/image.jpg
    9. Click Save 
    10. Save and close the Item and Item Group

    Check your work

    Navigate to the Item or Item Group where the file should appear on the website

    The file should appear. If the file does not appear, you may need to flush the cache on the website.

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    How do I change the URL for an image in my carousel?

    All of the content relating to the carousel is managed on the xTupleCommerce website. In order to change the URL when a user clicks on a particular carousel image, follow these instructions: 

    1. After logging in to the xTupleCommerce website, go to the Admin > Structure > Nodequeue.  
    2. Find the carousel you would like to update and click VIEW.
    3. From there, you select the EDIT view.   
    4. Once you're on the carousel’s edit page, scroll down closer to the bottom and update the URL. You can make the carousel point to one singular product or a category of products. All you need is the URL.
    5. When you've completed the update, SAVE the change. 

    Note: You can also update the carousel title and image on this page. 

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    Can I add PDFs to an item and have them show up on my xTupleCommerce website?

    Yes, you can add documents, such as PDFs, to individual items in the same way that you would add images linked to items. Like item images, the PDFs need to be stored on a separate web server, with a unique URL for each PDF. However, the ERP should contain cross references to these PDFs, via their URL.

    To enter URLs for PDFs in the ERP, go to the item master for the item in question and follow these steps:

    1. Select the documents tab
    2. Choose the ATTACH button
    3. Next to the "related to" option, choose the "website" option from the list
    4. Enter the URL for the PDF
    5. Specify a name to identify it

    The PDF will show up on the product page as a link for the user to view and download.

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    What's the difference between a context and a source?

    When using Qt Linguist for translation work, you will see references to "contexts" and "sources."

    • context is a business object, like the contact screen or the bill of materials screen.

    • source is a specific string of text within a context. For example the “Bill of Materials” context contains 56 sources, including “Print”, “Save”, “Revision Date”, etc.

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    My xTupleCommerce account is temporarily blocked due to 5 failed attempts to login. How can I get into my xTupleCommerce website?

    Unfortunately, you will have to wait until the system clears your IP Address for access. We do not have access to manually do this. The system may take an hour, 4 hours, or even 8 hours to clear your IP Address as there is no standard amount of time for it to cycle through. This is one of the main reasons we encourage our users to change their password to something easy for them to remember.

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    I updated information in the ERP, but it’s not showing up on my xTupleCommerce website. What could be happening?

    Some information may not show up on the xTupleCommerce website immediately. Instead, it stays in the cache. Think of the cache as a net that holds on to some of the changes.

    To manually flush the cache (release the net of changes), log in to your xTupleCommerce website. Then navigate to Admin > Icon > Flush all Cache and select to flush all the cache.

    Note-If after flushing the cache the formatting of the site looks like it has changed, refresh the page and it should go back to normal. 


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    My product is not showing up in the right group on the xTupleCommerce website. Where do I fix this?

    The product catalog is managed in the xTuple ERP database. You’ll want to check the product catalog to make sure the product is in the right group.

    Navigate to the item in the xTuple ERP database. Then, under attributes, look at the table on the bottom of the window. The group name will identify which group(s) the item is associated with in the catalog. 

    If the item should be showing in a different group, navigate to the item groups via Products > Item > Groups. Then select the group you want to edit and make any needed change. 

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    How do I become a translator for xTuple?

    If you are interested in getting involved with xTuple user interface translation, please review the following articles: Starting a new translation project and Getting and Using xTuple Translation Files. Translators will also find useful the Translation Glossary, which provides explanations of unfamiliar words/terms found in the user interface.

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    As a translator, which xTuple version should I work on?

    Generally you should work on translating the most current version of the software. xTuple regularly releases updates to our products, identified by version numbers. Each version may contain new sections or changes to old sections. Generally, translators should translate the most recent version of the product, but if your installation uses an older version of the product you may want to work on translating that version.

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