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Product Roadmap

While we work tirelessly on continual small enhancements, fixes, and improvements, this page indicates our current direction for major functional and architectural improvements in the xTuple ERP software. To see where we've been, read the Release Notes for our ERP software, OpenRPT report writer, CSVImp data import utility, and database Updater utility.

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xTupleCommerce 1.0.0 — target Q1 2018

Work continues on xTupleCommerce, our Customer Web Portal. Several sites are already up and running. Significant new features are being sponsored by long-time xTuple customers. Working with partners and preparing for the xTuple XPRESS offering are helping us smooth some of the rough edges in setup, configuration, and administration of xTuple. Documentation is being written. All of these efforts are converging on one goal — a product we call xTupleCommerce, seamless integration of a live xTuple ERP system with a customer-facing website for sales, marketing, and more.

xTuple ERP 4.11.1 — October 4, 2017

The 4.11.1 release included a handful of small enhancements and fixed a number of bugs, including the problems with completion lists.

xTuple Connect 3.9.0  — target December, 2017

An update to the xTuple Connect extension is anticipated to be ready at the end of 2017 or early 2018. The 3.9.0 beta will appear earlier, either coinciding with xTuple ERP 4.11.1 or following shortly afterward. This release will address about a dozen issues, including some of the problems starting the email synchronization client and using appropriate as-of dates for recurring jobs.

xTuple ERP 4.11.2 — target December, 2017

We're trying to finish xTuple ERP 4.11.2 for release before the end of the year. The goals are to fix as many bugs as we can, add some small CRM enhancements, and make final core adjustments for xTupleCommerce. Thank one of our CRM enhancement sponsors for the multi-column sorting feature!

xTuple ERP 4.12 — target Q1 2018

  • CRM enhancements
    • Clarify relationships among CRM accounts, customers, vendors, contacts, and other application concepts
    • Support address validation services (commercial extension)
    • Clarify relationships among incidents, to-dos, projects, project tasks, and other application concepts (goal)
    • Add concept of a "Lead", integrated with xTupleCommerce (goal)
    • Simplify generating lists for email marketing campaigns (goal)
    • Improve functionality of CRM merge utilities (goal)
    • Integration with third-party email services such as Constant Contact and MailChimp (goal)
  • Improve translation handling
    • Simplify distribution of translations for core product and extensions
    • Update translations for completeness (goal, will require community assistance)
    • Use OS-standard storage locations
  • Continue performance improvements

xTuple ERP 4.13 — target Q3 2018

  • Continue CRM enhancements
  • Three remaining FeatureMob2 items (goal)
  • External tax service integration (goal)
  • ERP-wide Search in the desktop client (goal)
  • Expand integrated Document Management (goal)

xTuple ERP 5.0 — ?

The xTuple ERP database and desktop client were first designed in 1999 and have grown ever since. Along the way, we have worked hard to reduce disruptions during upgrades. Changes to report definitions and application scripts have been minimized. User retraining betwee versions has generally not been required.

However, over the past several years, the needs and expectaions of users, administrators, and programmer have changed. Multiple applications share the same database. More people are customizing their xTuple ERP environment. xTuple must change to keep up.

We started updating application internals in the 4.1x code line to simplify future growth. We will continue to do so. Our goal is to add enough internal scaffolding to allow refreshing the xTuple experience in a few extremely broad areas in a short period of time:

  • Simpler, more consistent and modern User Interface
  • Database renormalization
  • Simplified desktop client scripting interface

Don't worry — many of these internal changes in 4.1x will improve user interface consistency and application performance while also fixing existing bugs. The changes are worth making now, regardless of the timing of the user interface update. Whenever possible we will give developers, partners, and power users tools to prepare for the changes to come.

Note to partners and power users: The scripting interface to the desktop client will change. We will document these changes to the best of our ability as the design solidifies. Full backwards compatibility will not be possible because of naming conflicts. We will provide tools to help find common problems. Here are a few examples of what will change: The underlying WebKit JavaScript engine will be replaced by Qt WebEngine (Qt has deprecated Qt WebKit), most of the script toolbox object will be removed (there are better ways to do things), and we expect to expand the use of Qt Properties instead of method calls (var _id = widget.id(); might become var _id = widget.id;).

Timeline of xTuple ERP Features


* Denotes functionality only available in commercially-licensed Editions

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