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Four years ago our xTuple web services team began building an application framework on top of Drupal 7, to assist with our effort to integrate xTuple’s ERP with Drupal. We are now open-sourcing the code we developed. We are calling the code xDruple. This article describes the exact problems we were attempting to solve, what we've accomplished, and who can benefit from this code.

Essential reading for anyone involved with upgrading xTuple ERP from one version to the next. Make sure to bookmark this article; it contains mission critical information about the compatibility of all moving parts of the ERP — including core software, add-on packages, operating systems and the PostgreSQL database.

This article is designed to illustrate the relationship between xTuple ERP transactions and the general ledger (G/L) accounts they impact. Think of this section as being a reference tool you can use to help you track G/L transactions.

Quick tutorial showing readers how to use the export to FTP capabilities of xTuple Connect.

When importing XML data from an online source the best practice is to load the file contents as text to a temporary table. Then SQL statements and functions can be used to move the data to the desired xTuple tables. This article describes how to create the temporary table for the XML document and setup the xTuple Import Data utility.

A landed cost is the total price of a product once it has arrived at a buyer's door. The landed cost includes the original price of the product, transportation fees (both inland and ocean), customs, duties, taxes, insurance, currency conversion, crating, handling and payment fees.

Article includes a simple example to illustrate the basic operations of XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformations), a part of the XSL family defined by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Adding a menu item to a right-click menu is fairly simple to do in either the core C++ or a JavaScript extension. This article explores both methods for doing so.

The most important thing to know when creating Google AdWords campaigns is this formula:

Higher relevancy = higher click through rate = higher quality score = lower cost per click = lower cost per conversion

Now let's break down what this means and why we want to achieve this formula.

In this article, we cover the addition of QSerialPort and QSerialPortInfo to xTuple's scripting environment and what that means for you. If you are not familiar with serial ports in general, we've included links to read up on them within this article.